IILM Graduate School of Management Admission Queries 2020-22 Batch

Here all queries would be entertained regarding admission for batch 2020-22


In India there are more than 3000 business schools.Therefore,it is very difficult for management aspirants to choose which business school is good to invest. While choosing a business school there are some parameters that a student should look forward for.Most of the students seeking for good placement only.Yes, placement is one of the major concern.But they ignore the fact that this is the last institutional education they are going to take.Therefore student should focus on what are the courses offered by that school,what are the accreditations that the college have,Is their course curriculum is updated according to industry standards etc.Year of establishment is also a deciding factor. It is very crucial to know because older institute means more experienced faculty. Experienced faculty means having industry experiences, academic excellence and their corporate tie-ups which helps in recruitment process.Placement is a combined effort of faculty, placement team and students.Therefore all these attributes makes a business school worth investing.

What makes IILM different from other B-schools? IILM differentiates itself from other colleges for its 3 main aspects. 1- Curriculum 2- Faculty 3- Placement Curriculum- IILM is having globally benchmarked curriculum with modules that is inspired by Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton Business School and IIM-A. The learning encourages students to apply concepts learnt, the curriculum enables students to hone their decision making process and allows them to apply their knowledge to worthy ideas. It offers certification courses like Data analysis and Entrepreneurship. Faculty- The faculty at IILM comes from leading institutions across the country and have diverse industry experience. Some of them are from IIMS, FMS with PhD degree. IILM as responsible business management college using world class teaching methodologies with case studies, presentations, industry visits. Placements- The CDC (Career Development Center ) team at IILM provides placement opportunities to the students as per their choice and area of interest. The CDC team frequently networks with the best companies in various sectors such as FMCG, Banking, Automotive, Research, IT, Automobiles and Consulting. Before entering to the interview process the team gives the training to the students. Students get support for choosing their career options, preparing their resume and building their LinkedIn profiles. The best part of IILM is its three offer letter policy where a student can get three offer letters from three different companies. So these are the main three aspects which differentiate IILM from others.



In my Opinion, IILM  is way better than other B-schools. It is AICTE approved, AIU, NBA & NAAC A accrediated. 

The campus is built on 1.5 lac sq feet of land with state of art modern infrastructure and is very spacious, the campus is big enough and never felt crowded.IILM curriculum is bench marked against the best in the world, and has specializations in Finance, Marketing, OB-HR, and Operations.IILM differentiates itself from other colleges by providing Field Courses, Career Trek and Community Experience which forms a part of curriculum in universities like Harvard, Wharton and Yale. IILM uses business simulations and case study based learning.IILM has a great mentoring programme where each student is allotted a mentor who help them to develop and shape their skills. As far as placements are concerned, IILM has more than 300 companies visiting across the sectors for internship and placement. Today IILM has 12000+ well placed alumni in india and abroad. 

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Benefits of PGDM over MBA- What is PGDM? PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in management which is a full-time 2-year course. It is offered by institutes that are recognised by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and are autonomous and not affiliated with any University. Also an accreditation by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) makes an institute's PGDM course equivalent to MBA. Reasons to choose PGDM over MBA- 1.PGDM courses are more focused on industry and is based on practical teaching and knowledge that are part of the curriculum. Also the courses are formulated by the institutes and the syllabus can be changed by the institute itself whereas in MBA programs are more focused on technical and theoretical aspects related to management and the course curriculum is formulated by University. 2. One requires the right skills and not just a degree for getting a job.PGDM makes one job-ready in teaching skills related to leadership and management. 3. Education Loans are easier to get if one studies in an AICTE approved business school. In the private or national banks students can easily avail loans and complete their studies. 4.PGDM is more job oriented than an MBA which helps one in getting a suitable job after the completion of the course. Due to the skills added in the PGDM course the job opportunities are widened. 5. Institutes with PGDM Courses provide attractive placement offers as they are autonomous in nature. 6. Reputed business schools in India and in abroad give preference to PGDM students over MBA students. It is due to practical insight which is given in the PGDM course and in MBA which is theoretical. 7. In PGDM, students are given exposure to the real business world through various ways like classroom studies, management internships, etc which helps students to easily adapt to the business environment and makes them job-ready.

Is it good to apply for MBA/PGDM from IILM Greter Noida?

Distance Education versus Regular Education 1. Distance Education has virtual classrooms and Regular Education has normal classrooms. 2. In Regular Education the teacher and students are in the same physical room at the same time on campus and in distance education the instructor and students are not physically together. This means that they are in a video class. 3. In terms of fees full-time regular education would cost more than distance education. 4. The full-time course is always preferred valuable than Distance Education because if a student has pursued a full-time course and is looking for a job so in this scenario a full-time degree holder will be always preferred to the one with a Distance Learning degree. 5. The facility of placement cells in regular education learning is there which is not available in Distance Learning. 6. In Distance Learning many degrees are not available whereas in regular education the various degrees are available. 7. Distance Learning degrees are not accepted everywhere whereas regular education degrees have their own value.

Impact of technology in Indian education system during covid-19 

Technology has never been so important in the education sector than it is today i.e. in the time of Covid-19. Before this Pandemic, institutions were continuously updating their classroom infrastructure with modern amenities. But they have never thought of "Study from Home" method. Majorly, in countries like India classroom education plays a big role. Since this crisis, digital learning is becoming the new "mantra" for education industry. Physical education has moved to the virtual world as most of the schools and universities across India and the globe are offering online classes. With the rapid increase of mobile internet users in India, technology is enabling universal access and personalization of education even in the isolated parts of the country. In this time of emergency, effective educational practice is required for the development of future generation which can again increase productivity, health, employability, and well-being in the years to come, and ensure the overall progress of India. And after all, this is the nature of humankind. With the changing environment we acquire knowledge, we adjust and we keep going bigger and better every day.


Dear Batch of 2020,

Hope you all are safe and healthy!!

Today I will share some reasons behind why dropping a year is not a good option. Here's why:

-Dropping a year means losing one year of experience

-Dropping a year means you are one year behind becoming financially independent

-Moreover, when you will drop a year and join in the next year, the recruiter will ask you the reason. And if you say due to pandemic, it will be a reason for your rejection because the company might think that you are not adaptable to change

-If you are thinking that online classes and distance learning are same, let me tell you, if it's true then all the top foreign universities would not have chosen this virtual method of study

Think twice before dropping a year!!!


What are the criteria one should look for while choosing a B-school???

Dear future manager

Hope you all the safe and healthy!!!

Many of you must be looking for a good B-school after completing Graduation. So here are the criteria that one should look for while choosing a college/university for pursuing management program:

-Establishment of a college.Older the college better the quality.

-Approvals and Accreditations.These recognitions are the parameter of quality  education.

-Faculty profile.Faculties are the pillar of a college/university.

-Course curriculum 

-Placement  record


Most of us  look for placement record and good infrastructure only and ignores the rest.

Management program is completely different from traditional education that you have done till graduation. For many of us this is the last institutional education that we are going to gain.Therefore choose a B-School wisely.


Connecting with changing customer habits after Covid-19 Pandemic?

The coronavirus outbreak has forced companies to reevaluate how contact centers are leveraged, how employees deliver relevant customer experiences, where they work, and how digital channels can be used to support business continuity through the crisis and beyond.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed our experiences―as customers, employees, citizens, humans― and our attitudes and behaviors are changing as a result. The crisis is fundamentally changing how and what consumers buy and is accelerating immense structural changes in the consumer goods industry, for example. Once the immediate threat of the virus has passed, companies will need to consider the impact of these changes on the way we design, communicate, build and run the experiences that people need and want.

With these emerging new behaviors, organizations have an opportunity to accelerate the pivot to digital commerce, by expanding existing offerings and creating new lines of service, like the retailers rallying to provide “contactless” delivery and curb-side pick-up services for consumers. This acceleration will force organizations to reimagine their digital strategies to capture new marketplace opportunities and digital customer segments.

Stay Safe

Stay Positive.

What are the things student should do before joining a managemnt program??

Dear Aspirant

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It is good to invest some time before joining a B-School so that you have an 

added advantage over other batch mates:

  • Habit of Reading Newspaper Daily: As future managers, you should be aware about what’s happening around the world. You can Subscribe to Economic Times, Business Standard,Times of India etc. If you develop this habit before joining a college it will be very helpful for you during your internships as well as final placement.
  • Build Strong Network: Start building network by creating a quality LinkedIn profile.Connect with alumni of good B-Schools and seek advice from them.Also connect with people in your area of interest. Don't ask for job.Ask for the skills and way to achieve those.Ask about their journey from a management graduate to a manager.
  • Learn MS Office thoroughly: In MBA there will be end no. of assignments where you have to use this. It is always better to learn these before joining because after joining a college there will be no time. Specifically excel and power point.
  • Furnish your soft skills: MBA is a practical course and not like other traditional education. To stand out from others you need to have something different from the rest.Brush up your interpersonal skills, teamwork,Communication skills, adaptability and keep a positive outlook towards learning from others.

Happy Learning!!!


Life During Covid Crisis

Dear Aspirant

As you are aware because of corona pandemic the regular classes in campuses/universities are not allowed. Also the students though interested in visiting our campus are not able to do so because of non availability of public transport. As you would agree the other mode of transport like taxi is rather costlier. To take care of all this and since we want our students to be healthy and safe every detail regarding our campus is available on our website. To ensure students do not waste this academic year because of covid 19 our campus has started online classes. The faculty has done an exhaustive work and prepared academics for online classes. The aim is to give same field for studies as one gets during regular classes. Our endeavour is to have holistic approach to cover the entire syllabus.We are optimistic that sooner or later the pandemic will get over and students once again will get back to campuses for regular academic schedules. They will be able to intermingle with each other and will have direct contact with faculty which is the hallmark of any academic institution. Till then to avoid any break we at IILM will remain connected with you. We are sure that each one of you will make most of you.  


Why MBA in Marketing is a demanding specialization in the contemporary business world:

Dear MBA aspirants,

Hope you are safe and healthy!!

Marketing  has gained popularity among aspirants due to the vast job opportunities in recent times. One of the reason behind choosing marketing specialization is it's high salary potential. Being the revenue generator of a company, marketing profiles are  high on demand and hence salary is also high. With the advancement of technology, companies are moving towards online platform and their main concern is brand building and customer satisfaction. Hence new creative areas and job profile comes in the marketing field.

Roles offered after MBA/PGDM in marketing are Marketing Manager,Market Research Analyst, Business Development Manager, Brand Manager,Digital Marketing Manager etc.

Some of the top recruiter in marketing field are Amazon,ITC, Mondelez (Cadbury),Marico,Detnsu, Dyson, Aditya Birla, 99 Acres, Byju's etc. Also Banks like HDFC,Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank,ICICI Bank, Citibank do hire for different marketing profiles.

To conclude,I would say every specialization has different scope. To be a Marketing professional one needs to be extrovert and outspoken. Therefore leadership qualities and soft skills are must. While MBA/PGDM will be helpful to furnish these skills, one needs his/her own effort to excel in every field.

Stay safe,stay home!!!

Happy Learning!!