IIFT MBA Admission 2020-22 | Exam, Admit Card, Result

Finally, the dream to get into my dream college shattered. bye @iift


I read somewhere that we will be given a form to fill and we will ahve 10 days to fill it. What are the details we have to fill in the form and do we get to select date for gdpi or we are alloted one by them?

Hi. Is there any Facebook group for the shortlisted students? If yes, could someone provide a link for the same?

I have been shortlisted. I have a question. How do i know which IIFT institute Ive been shortlisted for?

Does everyone's admit cards have inviligator's signature? I just realized mine doesn't have any form of stamp or sign on my admit card. Could anyone please help?

I have lost my admit card. Kuch problem hogi? matlab pdf form mein hoga.

What will be the expected dates for gdpi?? Just a rough figure

Hello, I would like to know how the reservation element works in shortlisting candidates and finally admitting them. As iift has shortlisted 1976 candidates for next round, does that mean 50% of them would be part of those who are availing quota(not general) and rest are open ones. If above part is true, then final merit list and candidates' wait list also has 2 sections ..for open and others. Since intake in iift is 360 only, around 180 of them are gonna be general class. But if my understanding is wrong, could you please elicit a correct response.

Regarding the GD-PI-WAT date allotment? Can some1 pls shed some light on that ? how does that work? WIll i be given the freedom to choose my own date or will I be alotted a date? There is a chance it could clash with another GD-PI-WAT , How shall I proceed in such cases?

Pls help

The Media Committee at IIFT would like to help along as the candidates step closer to the GD/PI process. A Facebook group has been made to clear all queries that may arise. The link to which is : https://www.facebook.com/groups/197427720809731/ 

All Shortlisted students are requested to join the group. 

While taking the IIFT 2017 exam, I accidentaly entered my Class X marks as 95.2 when it should have been 95.57. I have mailed the helpline address asking them to kindly notify the procedure I would have to follow in order to avoid any problem due to this discrepancy. However, I did not receive any reply. Now that I have been shortlisted, I want to know if there will be any problem during the admission procedure to follow due to this incorrect information. Can anyone shed some light?

Congratulations to all shortlisted candidates on making it this far!! I know that many of you might be feeling anxious regarding your GD/WAT/PI.

As a current student at IIFT Delhi, I thought of sharing a few tips and pointers regarding how to approach your GD, WAT & PI.

- First of all, you need to stop thinking of whatever score you got for the IIFT entrance examination. Now that you've got a call, all that actually matters is your performance in GD, PI & WAT. Just because you barely cleared the cut-off doesn't necessarily imply that you can't make it! I know of many people in my batch here at IIFT Delhi who just scraped through the cut-off. At the same time, I'm sure there are people with 99.5+%ile who didn't make it because they messed up their interview.

- Make sure you can answer basic questions like 'Tell me about yourself' and 'Why MBA?' During your interview, you have only around 10 minutes to create an impression in the minds of the panel. Think about it: they're probably going to interview dozens of candidates in day and unless you give them reason to remember you at the end of the day, you can kiss your IIFT seat good-bye. Always try steering the conversation towards your strengths or parts of your profile that you think will stand out.

- It's okay to have bad grades in 10th, 12th and grad. IIFT is one of the few colleges that is willing to look past all of that. You might be asked questions regarding your five point GPA in college but you can always be honest with the panel. Talk about other stuff that you learnt in college. It could be about being in the sports team or working with an NGO but it should be genuine!

- The panel doesn't really ask you hardcore technical questions regarding your grad. However as an electronics engineer, you ought to be able to explain how a diode works in simple English. That is all that is expected so brushing up on the basics won't hurt your cause at all.

- Stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world around you. Downloading an app like Knappily or Inshorts could help you immensely. You ought to be able to answer questions regarding India's GDP, population and top imports/exports. (It's a trade college, after all.) And remember, the panel is only trying to gauge your interest and awareness. Even they don't expect you to know everything, so it's okay to say 'I don't know' when you're caught off-guard.

- Have an opinion regarding issues across the world. The panel might ask you for your take on Trump's immigration policies or on how Brexit might affect the EU. Reading magazines like The Economist will help in this aspect.

These are just a few things that I thought of sharing here. If you have doubts on anything at all, please feel free to reach out to the MediaComm members in this group.

You can read about my GD/PI/WAT experience last year on Quora: https://www.quora.com/How-was-your-IIFT-GD-interview-experience/answer/Nikhil-George-4

But please take it in with a pinch of salt. B-school interview panels like to shake things up every year to catch candidates off-guard. So, in all probability, things this year are likely to be wildly different from last year. (I'm sure your experience with this year's IIFT paper has made you wary.)

May the Force be with you! :)

Any recommendations for gwpi preparation in Bangalore?

When will Iift marks and percentiles be released?

Total number of seats in all the three campuses?

I've been receiving PMs from many selected candidates regarding the expected timeline for receiving the CV form and interview details. I'm sharing last year's timeline based on my personal experience below. However I cannot guarantee that things will pan out similarly this year.

December 23, 2016 - Interview shortlist announced

December 27, 2016 - CV Form mailed

January 20, 2017 - Interview slot and venue announced

February first week onwards - GD, PI & WAT

April 19, 2017 - First round of offer letters released

Not sure about when the scorecards were released though.

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Any updates on when the score card will be out?

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will kakinada campus take admissions this year ?