IIFT GD-PI 2016-18

For the GD-PI call getter for the 2016-18 batch of IIFT Delhi and Kolkata campuses

Dear aspirants,

As you anxiously wait for the results, we have another channel through which you can communicate. The media committee at IIFT will be there to cater to your queries and concerns.

Wishing you all the best!

What is good for an individual....Work in top global firm or run his own company. Right now, I have all kind of support, some capital, group of friends to do something creative which I doubt to have at the end of MBA in a placement-driven environment. Moreover, I would be under the debt of around 10-15 lakhs bank loan. 

Will it b good to enter B-School with entrepreneurial instinct ?

At B-school, will I have the friends like ones from B.Tech or they would be just people hanging around me with a collective interest of spending 2 year together.

Is MBA a step toward Intellectual slavery with masters from the west or its just upgradation to global citizenship increasing one's employability

Any suggestions for gd and essay rounds of iift?

People Ur expected scores from the official key..?? That way will get idea of the leaderboard maybe..

What are the topics one should be conversed with for the iift GD PI round? If you could suggest some novels or documentary or website or blog or anything which we can go through in the course of next few months to better understand the topic. that would be immensely helpful. Hoping for replies from seniors from iift. pls tag them if you know them. Thanks.

Anyone here from Kolkata?

Which classes are good for PDP courses? Have they started anywhere already?

expected date of result?

Anyone appearing for CFA Level 1 exam in June 2016

Hi pguys!

Can someone pls suggest a good pdp institute...was it worth to continue my stint with time institute or is it  better to invest a little more and move to smplace else?

When r iift interviews generally conducted?

What is the general trend of call to intake ratio in IIFT?

When will the Official IIFT key be out ?

If selected...is there any way to chnge our intrviw cntr

What are the odds of converting IIFT-D with a score of ~51.5 and a decent GDPI performance?

What is your expected score Puys as per Official IIFT answer key..??...splitting the marks

  • 25-
  • 60+
  • 25-35
  • 35-40
  • 40-45
  • 45-47
  • 48-50
  • 51-53
  • 54-56
  • 57-60

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Result kab hai ? Any official date or week ? stuck at 50.5 really want to know if I am getting a call or not. I hope I do every call matters this year :/

Hello puys

Result can be accessed at: 


Hi, Cutoff seems to have rocketed to a very high value. Can anyone inform me of his/her selection at score a of 45