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any seperate preps for iift other than cat except gk?

IIFT ka admit card kab aayega? I want to see my centre location

Does anyone know the test timings i want to book a train ticket accordingly

What all mocks are you puys taking for IIFT?

How many people are finding the marking pattern too complex .... Makes life mess while leaving difficult questions

are time basic test series students eligible for iift mock test(p&p)?

Has anyone received admit card by post?

 You must have witnessed a lot of changes around you in the last 48 hours, we at IIFT Delhi have taken notice as we try to bring some order to this chaos.

Presenting "Chat Pe Charcha" an initiative by the Media Committee at IIFT Delhi, where we invite all the Aspirants of IIFT Entrance Examination 2016 to have a one on one interaction with the currents students of IIFT Delhi. 

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Exactly a year ago, I was on the other side of this entrance race. Sharing my exam experience just to help candidates out there:

Initially I scanned the paper and was able to gauge that, if not handled correctly, DI could be a tough call even for a well prepared candidate .

1) I started my exam with GK , as here the ROI is high . Either you know an answer or you don't. Here I was able to attempt 18 questions in 5 minutes with 13 correct - Score 5.65.

2)Then I moved to VA-RC, invested 40 minutes (15 minutes in VA and 25 minutes in RC), and attempted 19 in VA and all 16 questions in RC, correcting 16 in the former with 13 in the latter - Score 23.26

3)Then I finished off QA section in 30 minutes with an attempt of 18 questions with 15 correct -Score 14.01

4)Lastly I moved to LRDI where i scanned both sections carefully and decided to start off with LR as that was the easier of the two areas . I completed the whole of LR (20 questions) with 19 correct and DI (4 Questions) with 3 correct - Score 16.67 in 30(LR)+10(DI)= 40 minutes

Section selection should be based on strength as well ROI .Since GK and VA are considered to be less time consuming , they should be attempted first.

Final Score : 59.59  

Percentile: 99.66 

Verdict : Convert

Any leads on how to prepare GK for IIFT?


TIME Mock test for IIFT held on 13th nov

thread fr discussion:


What was the percentile scored by a student who got a score of 52-53 in IIFT-2015?

Hey what to do about the di sets? Becoz its really hard to solve those half page long problems in such a short tym only to get 1 mark. Should we leave those altogether?

Guys i wanted to know patterns of ideal time distribution for IIFT Exams .... I tend to lose a little time in QA n DI which forces me to increase my speed in RC

Guys, is there any reliable source from where we could study the foreign terms asked in IIFT verbal section ?

Best TEST SERIES for IIFT 2016??

Test series for iift. 3 mock se jyada nahi dene us hisaab se batana.

How are others finding the IMS IIFT P&P mocks? I'm finding them to be on the easier side. The DI of 103 was sub-par. Any other test series for IIFT? I'm reluctant to take the CL iift mock as it is online. Also, there's hardly any time to waste on poor quality mocks. Which IIFT mock will give the maximum bang for my bucks(time)? Opinions please.

Did anyone get admit card?