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dev2703 Says
hi i jus want to knw wht is d cut for iifm. i gt 79.75%le in cat. So should i expect call from it. Pls help!!

Plz keep ur fingers crossed ,as there are very bleak chances that u get a call !!

hi guys n gals...

mine cat% 50 sc category is thr any chance of IIFM call ????

hi guys n gals...

mine cat% 50 sc category is thr any chance of IIFM call ????

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Hope it helps a lot of aspirants here, I had these queries and Achal Sir was kind enough to clear them in detail :)

Q.1 )I am an aspirant of IIFM. I loved the campus and the pagalguy article on it was really wonderful. I got a 93 % in CAT and I don't want to do a cliche General MBA.
I wanted to know about the job profiles that you and your seniors get to get an Idea of where I would end up 2 years later.

Also, I love greenery, I'm a wildlife photographer and love to be eco-friendly. Would these traits help me love the place and the course any further?

Your response would be highly appreciated as I look up to your seniors


good to see your interest.
The jobs that we used to get were in Microfinance sector, but due to some recent changes, very few jobs are offered in this.
So people from my batch have joined various consultancy jobs in Carbon trading. Some are working with banks with rural focus, one is a resort manager at Jungle Lodges and resort. one is working with aditya birla at Laos and managing plantations. While some are in research job. one is in BILT. Some are with financial companies.
I myself is with a renewable energy company working in biomass sector.
Jobs are from diverse sector and at various management level.

Q.2)Thanks for your prompt response Great to see the Diversity. What are the packages that are offered? Though it's not of prime importance to me as much is the Life @ IIFM.

Could you please tell me your experience in IIFM, even you would have thought about taking up such a different degree right? and Now that you have lived it, what do you feel about it? Is it an amazing place to be or do you have any regrets or anything that I as an aspirant should know and be wary about.

Thanks again

A.2)As a aspirant just one advice: dont go with packages for IIFM. I am not saying that the salary is too low, i would say it is more than enough to sustain yourself, but the package shown in the advertisment and news is misleading, it is done by every other college and i hate when it is done by IIFM.

the academics were tougher to me compared to previous college of mine. I had done my BE in Agricultural Engineering so i was already different in league so there was no questions in my mind to join IIFM or not.
It is nice place to stay, and you will remember it for mostly good but some bad reasons too. Ye to hota hi hai that when you are in a college you always say bad things about it at least in your peer group if not to outsiders or public or to forum. But after you pass out you feel better about college than ever.
So dont miss the opportunity when you get so.
As i have seen many guys on the PG from last 3 years posting that : "Sorry guys i have to leave IIFM my dream college to join this and that institute. " and feel very bad about it that if you regard your dream college then how can you even think about anything else, but i had tried not to be direct to those.
This could be lot of gyan but now i have already thrown that to you, take it or leave it, no worries, .

Always there to answer your any kind of wired or genuine query

Q.3)Thank you for your detailed reply, it really provides a great insight into the college. I am a Mechatronics Engineer by profession and this would be a paradigm shift in my career. In one of your previous responses you have given information as to where all you and your friends have been placed, regarding that I have a layman query, which I think would help me decide many things.

What work would we be doing after IIFM? I haven't exactly got a hang of where you guys come into the cycle.

I have these weird impressions in my mind,

1) I would be doing an Eco-Friendly job, like planning the location of a Factory or an Industry such that there is least damage to the ecosystem.

2) Working in a post that is for the betterment of the present Forests. i.e Forest Cover and Resources and stuff.

3) I would be on a lot of treks and will have to witness a lot of wilderness whilst in the job, like getting surveys done etc.

I know these might sound ridiculous to you But I hope you get my POV as I have just arrived at these taking the term "Forest Management" and the above stated things are stuff that I would LOVE to do in life as a profession.

Do explain as to what reality is like too

Thanks again.

A.3) 1) This comes under Environment Impact assessment: no jobs in this field have been offered to us as this is especialist job and we just have a single course on this. So you may be doing this job if you want only after few years of exp.
2) Some of them are working with the forest department, but they are consultants in the carbon credit and you could be doing resource assessment, but not the forest management work as that is done by IFS officers, and we dont find a place directly. Some are working in private firms like Aditya Birla, Renewable Woods, Olam International , BILT and ITC to do the forest management work. These are a bit better compensated jobs but few in no.
3) If your job is like that then you may be working in forest like my ex- roomate Ashwin is doing that, but if you get a corporate job you may be well sitting in a Air Conditioned office for rest of the year making some reports or doing consultancy.

I would suggest you to share my views on the forum with other puys as this may be helpful to them to decide what to do next.
I feel it better if queries of many get answered at a time.

you can ask me more questions if you like , dont hesitate.

Heartiest thanks to @I_am_IIFMight for his time and insights, hope these answer the queries of fellow aspirants like me :)


Can i apply now? I have got 96.8 percentile in CAT

Guys this is for those who are still mulling over whether they can convert or not if they are having low score in 10th or 12th or grads or even not having work exp.

dekho yar ek baat socho college wale tumhe kyu call diye despite u havin nt so decent acads etc(well dis is according to ur perception!)??
bas i have nothing to say more coz ishara hi kafi hai samajhdaar k liye...
all those who have got calls have equal probability to convert irrespective of their CAT score and profile..

isliye socho mat and think that u r just one step away.bas in cheezon pe dhayn mat do aur prep jari rakho.now just ur performance in GD and PI will matter and rest of ur previous records will get erased.bas take it this way coz u have already got the call and i hope u will be attending the gd/pi to get urself selected.
rejection process is over..frm here selection stages begin.

chilllllllll maarooo aur masti karoooo....all d best to my dear fellows...


I have an affinity for nature and forests as I have lived all my life at places which are close to nature. I'm a software engg with an experience of nearly 2 years. How do I make a strong case for admission into IIFM, Bhopal being from an IT background?

Please help.

This is something to notice..exactly after a month a post on this thread.

hi frnz,
i m vasudha.
I m in standard 12th..I mean m waiting for my 11th result.
I m a bright student. I had secured a cgpa 10 in class 10th.
I m damn interested in getting admission in iifm....i hav a great interest towards nature and its conservation.
Can u plz help me out by giving some ideas about my future preparations?

i am deeply interested to work in forests through WWF , Forest Deptts and other wildlife organisation after doing a MBA from IIFM . I was going through the IIFM website , Indian Institute of Forest Management :: Current Placement Stats . But i didnt find any such organisation as recuiters.
So , i wanted to know whether such wildlife organsitions actually recruit from IIFM.

Would be extremely happy if any one can help me out in this regard.

can u list out few government jobs related to forest management?

or any government organizations as well?...

I have got 88 percentile in CAT 2013. I am a non creamy OBC student. I wanna know average placement package in IIFM Bhopal. I wanna do environmental activity oriented MBA. Is IIFM a good option for me? Is someone placed in Kerala? What are all institutions/companies I will be placed?

whats the Cut off for IIFM through CAT and XAT?

Sir, my CAT 2013 registration no. is SR9362075.
I have my IIFM-WAT/PI in Kolkata on 22nd April at 9.30 hrs.
Can it be rescheduled at 14.00 hrs on the same or different day in Kolkata?

Is there any chance of second list PGDFM, SPECIALLY for SC students, if any SC seat vacant

Hi I am Arjun . My 10th percentage is 75%, 12th percentage 57% ( both are from state board), B.sc honours 54%(zoology), M.sc 68% . Right now preparing for CAT,XAT. What are the chances of getting into IIFM? What percentile I do need in CAT? And what are the placement scenarios?. I am a SC candidate.

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i am selected for the admission in iifm, i want to know the types of job profile offered in placements, what is the better branch - sustainable development or forestry, what are the future growth prospect in both and which college is better - iit jodhpur, iifm, bimtech.

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