If I'm an average student, how will I crack the IAS?

A common question among UPSC civil services aspirants is, “I have been an average student throughout school/college. Can I clear the tough IAS exam?” It is a well-known fact that the UPSC civil services are the toughest exams in the country. It is a long and grilling process divided into three stages:

  1. UPSC prelims
  2. UPSC mains
  3. Board Interview/Personality Test

Since lakhs of students take this exam and only a few hundred are chosen every year as IAS, IPS, etc. a lot IAS aspirants doubt their chances of making the cut. Undeniably, the UPSC civil services exam is difficult to clear. But is it intelligence and academic brilliance that differentiate the winners from the rest? If you look at past toppers and high rankers, there have been academically bright students who have cleared the exam. But there have also been people who have had less than noteworthy school and college academic performances. What does this mean?

First of all, let us define what ‘average’ is? is it right to classify students as brilliant, weak and average on the basis of marks obtained in school exams? Sachin Tendulkar was by conventional standards an average school student. But we all know that he is pure genius. Albert Einstein was considered ‘average’ by his teachers. Was Einstein not a genius who revolutionised the world with his theories? Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Dr John Gurdon (Nobel Prize winner), Charles Darwin – these are all names we recognise as brilliant. But all of them were undistinguished school or college students.


The last thing you need is a proper study plan for IAS exam to go about covering the vast syllabus and revising it at least a couple of times. Your preparation strategy is an important factor that decides fate at the civil services exam.

As you saw, intelligence doesn’t feature in the list of factors needed to clear the IAS exam. That part is covered in the fact that you need to be at least a graduate to take the UPSC exams. The real test is whether you have it in you to endure the year-long preparation required to pull you through till the end.

If you are civil services aspirants having doubts regarding your abilities because of ‘average’ school/college performance, know that marks are not a true measure of your capabilities. It is true that ‘academic brilliance’ comes naturally to a few people. But success depends on your hunger for it and perseverance.

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