IES MCRC Admission

True scenes about IES MBA College

This college located in the prime part of Bandra is just one of those fallacies. It does big time advertisements and great promises before you join. But once you pay fees and be get yourself admitted you realise how crude they actually are. Some faculty here are really good, Esply for marketing and so are the placements but other wise for most other functions This college Is a nightmare. You pay near 5L ₹ for MMS and 7L₹ for PG and end up with placements of 3L. This college’s Placement cell is one of the most hated and laid back one. They just do not care about your Placement. I agree to the fact that there are a few good brands coming with around 6 L packages but these are rare cases. They make you struggle and pay no heed to the request. Would highly recommend any college but this place. 

Exactly. The college being located in a place like Bandra, gives you a different perception. All those are shattered once you join and especially when you come in contact with the placement cell. No doubt there are a few faculty who are just exceptional, but these are over shadowed by the placement cell. Since, after all placement is what one looks for in an MBA College. Students doing Operations or HR better not join this college for placecments atleast, as for others the placement scene is much better. 

The Emplower Camp is one of the most interesting thing that happens in the two year course.