IES (ESE) 2015 Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Difficulty

Conventional Paper 2 : Difficulty Level

  • Easier than last year
  • Toughest in History of EE
  • Tougher than last 5 years
  • Tougher than last year

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Share Your Views about the Difficulty Level of this IES 2015 GS paper

Section A English :

Some very interesting passages like the scared lady and Rainbow wala explosion ... level up from last year.

Correct-Incorrect was easier and same level as last year

Words same level

Sequencing same level

Fill-Ups  Difficulty Level Up from last year.

Section B GS:

good no. of History questions Included this year and were Good

Polity: Good No. of questions and were above average.

Environment & Ecology - Good No. of Questions, more than Last year, Average

Current Affairs - More Questions and Difficult too

Geography - above average

Biology - very few questions and were easy. last year good no. of questions came from biology.

Overall : Difficulty Level Increases from last year:

Some scores :

SSC Junior Engineer AIR 4th : 100-105

IES 2014 under 100 AIR : 133.5

Other friends with proper preparation : Average 90

since overall toughness of this year's exam is Higher than last year.. what do u think about the likely cutoff for the interview call.?

Note: Last called person prev year was at 458

  • less than 440
  • 440-458
  • 458-470
  • above 500
  • 470-500

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Your Marks in Objectives [GS+EE1+EE2] as per ME or ACE keys ..

  • 260-280
  • below 200
  • 200-220
  • 220-240
  • 240-260
  • 280-300
  • 300-320
  • 320-340
  • 340-360
  • 360-380
  • above 380

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Your Legible attempts in Conventional Papers [ EE1 + EE2 ]

  • above 340
  • 260-300
  • 300-340
  • below 100
  • 100-140
  • 140-180
  • 180-220
  • 220-260

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What is approx. Cut off mark for interview call.

Will UPSC also upload its own Ans Keys...if yes den by what time..? @fgds @champ10rock 

plz share ur expected marks in conventional 2

The Final Verdict:-

Guys, we had a week of gruesome discussions and now its time to have a final say. People who have been trying for this exam for last 2-3 years find themselves in extremely unpleasant state cuz this year Every TD&H is claiming a huge score [Inc me 2]. Though Some of them may be genuine; Exaggeration are inevitable as most humans try to be optimistic or show themselves in 'The League' some play fake too...

In Processing Mode ... .... ... ...

I think for objective cutoff would be 282+ and for interview call cutoff would be 440+ and final selection will be an above 595+ 

As this year paper. Was tougher then previous year and conventional 2 will play vital role in final selection as even any one will have scored 350+ they will have to score good in conventional 2 350+130+60=540 in written will be good and safe score this time and finally interview will play its important role in selection.... Best of luck to all

can anyone upload conventional paper II?

Friends a useful link to check mark sheet of last 2 years selected students......Somebody asked me how many selselected students last year got 200+ in conventional..check almost 70% of general students......

i m getting around 470.(obj+con)what is the probability of final selection?i belong to obc category .

If I attempted for 300 marks in subjective, then how much I should expect?

Where can I find answers of numerical of subjective?

i have some doubt regarding the last question of conventional paper 1....the one which asks the difference between coaxial cable used in a power line and electronic circuit...the question follows as.......derive the expression of capacitance for such a cable per unit length...which one we needed to derive the first one or the second one?plz reply those who have done this....

yaar what will be avarage marks for convo 2 paper ......if attempted 120 then kitte a sakte h??

well a very precise discussion is going over here...ny1 here having any idea abt category (sc) cut-off this year....i couldn't find any such marks cut off discussion of category among all d posts...ur comments r more dan welcome

hey frnds,

i appeared ese 2015 exam,i think i get good marks from obej,part.

but my doubt is i

gets around 55 or 60 marks  from both con paper 1 and 2. is any chance ? me from UR category.

is any chance?