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Guys discuss ur queries, doubts and share info regarding IES interview 2015..ALL the BEST to ALL !!!  :)

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I request all the last year written/finally qualified candidates to pls everybody among us is not from metro cities where we can access help regarding DAF filling, interview preparation etc..also it will be helpful for the future IES aspirants also....guys preparing for IES-2016 are most welcome to put their doubts,as it will  help both the sides.

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ACE orientation on DAF/interview..

DAF now available.

what is the duration of made easy interview guidance program? and if more info anybody can share... plz

online chat assistance for IES 2015 interview by Mr. Amit singh (IES)....qualified people should join for clarifying anything related...

Guys I have an issue. Please help. In DAF my parents names have been swapped by mistake i guess. But its correct in the Admit Card. Whom do i contact?

awsm upsc. i sent mail 30 min ago. they have changed the swapping.

While filling the DAF, on Service Preference page, the Services are not getting listed. Only the branch CATEGORY :ELECTRONICS &TELECOMMUNICATION is displayed. .Is anybody else facing the same problem??

In educational qualification, how to fill this?

sports/ hobbies ye sb blank chod de to koi  -ve impact??

Do we have to sign on the summary sheet also?

friends which option to put in select graduation degree?

On Parental Information page, in the last field, instead of asking "District to which your 'mother' originally belongs", it is again asking for "District to which your 'father' originally belongs".. Somebody else facing the same???


Do you possess the prescribed Educational Qualification (Vide rule-6 of the rules of the examination). Please enclose a copy of the Certificate if answer is "YES" *wht we hav to select here?

Guys, on "Educational Information Page", under the " Subjects" column , are you able to mentions all the E&T subjects or the space allowed permits just 3-4 subjects as in my case ??

friends besides the proof of age(as given in 10th marksheet) and the qualifying degree certificate, are there any other certificates which have to be sent along with the DAF? Please reply.

My DAF has the photograph that is not in formals,I mean a round neck wali tshirt is the same that I uploaded while filling the application much negative impact itll have ???

what we need to do with attestation form? need clarification plz...somebody...