IES 2015 "E&T Engineering"

guide to succede in ese 2015 for ece students

Lets start the ESE prepration:-)

previous year cutoffs of ese:

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Guys z it possible to prepare for subjective in 2months?

puys....please suggest the books to study to prepare the following subjects:    



if anyone have softcopy of authentic notes then plzz post the link here.

are there any fresh starters here?

Who would like to explain the answer of question number 6 Of year 1999.

Good coaching institutes for ESE in and around Chandigarh??

Notification out. The number of vacancies mentioned is 475.

i m having prob in uploading pic nd signature in ies2015 form.... anybody else facing the same prob....?

IES aspirants could you please tell me if I fill the form of IES and somehow miss the examination.. would it be treated as an attempt or not?

how many of you are giving ies 3rd or 4th attempt...and wht strategy r u following for its now lesss than 3 months..pls share ur views

how to prepare for ESE as well as IIT mtech interviews together......please suggest sme me guyss

trying to register in part-2 but it is showing"" time over""...worried...HELP!!!!

Ese 2014 question 2(d) solution 

Sol 2 (d) Hi =10A/m

Boundary condition .

· BN1 =BN2

               µr1HN1 =µr2HN2

             8000 HicosƟ =Hacosα  .......(1)

· HT1 =HT2

             HisinƟ  = Ha cosα ..........(2)

From eq(1) and eq(2)

Tanα =  tanƟ/8000


HT =10 sin Ɵ =10 sin 45 =10/1.414=7.07

HN =80000 cosƟ  =80000 cos 45 =80000/1.414 =56568.5

,α =tan-1(tanƟ/8000)= tan-1(1/8000)

is this right ?

If the input AC is 10V rms, the maximum voltage that will appear across the diode of a half-wave rectifier with a capacitor input filter will be

a) 10V   b) 14V   c)20V   d)28V

a word of advise for all ET&T ies aspirants.... if you want to score well in objective and conventional.... i'm mentioning the source of ies questions

for EMT solve alexander sadiku solved examples and objective questions from the back of each chapter

for microwave solve samuel liao solved examples irrespective of whether they are in the ies syllabus or not

for control solve nagrath and gopal solved examples

in EDC and analog  some questions are asked sometimes from the back of the millman halkias question bank

for communication systems solve the objective questions from keneddy..

how is ace engg academy ies test series?

Guys! ESE admit cards now available on the UPSC website.

kisi ka upsc centre aaya is baar....?