[Ideas] An exclusive Prepaid Mobile card for PaGaLGuY users?

Hello Puys! So here we are with a new idea. The story of how we came up with the idea of this product is that there were two very pagal pagals on pagalguy. They prepared together on the forums, got calls together, but the destiny had som…

Rohit :thumbsup: Gareet VYdea Dood
Suzzezztionz :
) People love to message, so let there be free messaging service for the card holders...!!

) PG meetz, scores, PMs should be directly received to the Mobile

)Use of ne language even abusive should be allowed:D, No banning and all:sneaky:

) Please C to it that the service provider is available @ all corners of the country (NO BSNL :nono: please)..!!
) Calling rates should be reasonble for STD n ISD calls, as the main motto is DOSTANA/THRISTANA/QUATRPANA ..!!
) Mods also should have the same benefits (everyone must be treated equal, No free calls for mods) Joke....
) Facility to convert their existing numbers into PG numbers..!!
) No Roaming charges please...!!

)PG ringtones, PG Smileys r a must

) Daily updates from PG like PG HQ news, Jokes, Pjs lolz
) Fancy numbers Plzz....to boast of them
) The SIM card must be uploaded with all Moderators numbers
) Recharge cards should be available in every City

) Mobile + Card connection is also a good idea


) Is it only for Puys? can Non-Puys apply ?

) Eligibility Criteria ? expert pagal ? hardcore pagal?

) Is it valid for foriegn students ?

) How does one collect identity proofs?

) ne misutilization, how would u check it?

) Cn v take more than one card
Will update the post if i get ne new ideas...!!!!

Another Cool New Idea From PG HQ..!

But What about Puy's who operate from Dubai?

Hail Insanity..!


Sounds good. Would be a great idea for all the puys. Some issues that might come up are:

  1. who is eligible for the card...as in, we puys dont have an ID proof, right?
  2. how to make sure that a non-puy (i.e., whoever is non-eligible for this scheme) doesn't misuse this card (read: talks with gf;))
  3. pre-paid or post-paid?

I hope the talks are on for the GSM connection and not the cdma one's! Otherwise buying new handsets would be a trouble for many!

Can we buy more than one cards also?

Am wondering as to what PG will get out of this?

  1. how to make sure that a non-puy (i.e., whoever is non-eligible for this scheme) doesn't misuse this card (read: talks with gf;))

Ah, isn't that exactly the purpose?

  1. pre-paid or post-paid?

Prepaid - guess the thread title says it. 😐

This will also absolve PG of all the responsibility of tracking people with unpaid bills.

PG can come up with 'PG Wallpapers' and 'PG ringtones' (just like airtel's,nokia's or idea's ringtones) which could be downloaded for free by PG users(i.e. PG sim users)

this will help PG to market itself to non PGusers, and PG users get to flaunt something which most of the NON MBAs are not aware of...

wow what an idea.....

nice idea and nice suggestions thanks Deep ;)

well Please make sure that carrier is available in Shillong

and can the existing user of that particular network operator can switch to that plan without changing his/her number
PG can come up with 'PG Wallpapers' and 'PG ringtones' (just like airtel's,nokia's or idea's ringtones) which could be downloaded for free by PG users(i.e. PG sim users)

this will help PG to market itself to non PGusers, and PG users get to flaunt something which most of the NON MBAs are not aware of...

dead right..pg smileys for free..wow

"Agar BSNL nahi toh bahut sahi"
But agar PSU nahi toh mehenga hoga

Waise PG bragging rights especially to non-users...uske liye toh mai jaroor lunga

Number portability chalu ho jayegi....hope its applicable

SMS...free nahi chahiye..calls mehenge ho jayenge phir...max 20 paise rakho

Pehle desi socho ..phir videsh ki

and Finally..it should function is such a way ....such that all should say:

"What an Idea Sirjee"

Fundoo Idea rohit.. :thumbsup: Lets c what i can add..

1. Make sure that if you start this service..it should be there min Six months or 1 year .. otherwise we wont have a proper feedback .. If this plans works fine we can extend the services..

2. It should also be for non-puys.. they might enjoy few low cost services but they'll be inclined to know about this Pagal land... They'll become Puy soon, once they touch this Pagalpan Card..

3. Messages..
Puy to Puy -- 10paise..
Puy to Non-puy -- 25paise
Non-puy to Puy -- 25paise
Non-puy to non-puy -- 1rupee
(amount can be decided.. but ratios should be similar)

4. Call rate.. Can be fixed in similar way..

5. Updates.. Just like we get email updates.. But this should be limited to only our PM's.. Puys should get updates if anyone PM's..

6. For first time keep all services simple and easy to use.. Less services can be acceptd but no compromise on quality of services.. :)

7. Yeah whatevr operator you select .. try availng PG services to exsistng custmrs of that operatr ..

8. Group Chat.. - It can be a special package.. Ones who want they can take that.. Charges can be 60rs per month.. And 5 paise per message.. for puys in group chat ..And 25 paise for non-puys..

I'll put in more suggstns later..

I believe if even Non-Puys are allowed to make use of this scheme then....every tom **** harry will buy it to talk to his GF cousin or granny

this will not add value to PG(may be it will even give rise to more spamming) ....more so this will be revenue lossses to the teleco, disheartened it may wind up the scheme.

Allow Non-Puys at your own risk

How about linking it to the number of thanks a Puy has ....let the limit be 50...so anybody who has above 50 thanks could have his number registered at PG HQ....and the prepaid vouchers would work only for these numbers.

it would then remain a closed user group and also there would be no misuse

This will be a positive reinforcement to newbies to make good posts, and spam less.Also this will sensitise puys about thanking posts through the "THANK" button. This will definitely add value to PG. 50 thanks means the puy has been here for quite a while...has posted well and is entitled for PG schemes.

P.S. Click on the thank button in this post and lemme have my phone

Awesome Idea...
PG HQ you rock

Just a few pointers about shillong:
1) No CDMA operators here
2) if we go for prepaid we would not be allowed roming 😞 (against rules in the NE)
3) please ensure the operator has service here (airtel/vodafone/BSNL would be best)

well, It would be great if you guys can keep the call-charges to other operators less to start with so that you can market the product well :biggrin:! If that is not feasible, how about a tie-up with a cell-phone maker of dual-sim phones

My two cents !


People go for summer internship also. If the roaming can be made free for these 2 months also, then it would be wonderful. People won't have to buy a new number and have to go through all the related pain. 😃

Hello people,

I am going for an important meeting with the operators today and besides the product we have to fix lot of things as in distribution, marketing etc.

So, primarily the basic features we can think of our -
1> SMS at lesser rates within the community.
2> Phone call at lesser rates within the community.
3> Free calls to 2-3 numbers of choice.
4> Validity for at least 2 years
5> Free roaming allowed for fixed number of days in a year ( when people go to their hometown or to attend fests)
6> Other networks "friendly"

Let me know if i have missed out on anything. Also, if you guys know the joining date of your institutes this year, it will be great. It will help us in setting up a distribution kiosk in your college on that day. Please PM if you have it already.


I think this sums it all... We may have covered all the essential points.

Most important factors would of course be:

1. Local Call rates
2. Roaming Charges..

If we could get a great deal on these two fronts then it would work big time..

Joining dates of colleges are mostly known now. That shouldn't be a problem!!

PS: Deep pointed out rightly... MBA students are involved in a lot of travelling.. If we could get a great deal on roaming charges then nothing like it!!

Another brilliant idea from PGHQ. :clap: Already a no of wonderful points have been shared. So i would try my best not to repeat any point. Since i would be one of those who would be joining a B-school in a couple of months, am putting forth my ideas according to the basic requirements.

  1. Low local call rates(hopefully free for PG-2-PG user)
  2. Low STD rates(considering many like me would be away from home)
  3. Low SMS charges(already pointed by many)
  4. Personally i would not like to have PM's to be delivered on my mobile until and unless its extremely urgent.
  5. No spam SMS from the operator.
  6. Considering its a pre-paid card, availability of recharge options close to campus/inside the campus(canteen/tuck shops). Probably have a recharge option on PG shop for the lucky ones who have credit/debit cards.
  7. Call/SMS rates during roaming should be less.

Although guys at PG would already have shortlisted the operators, would like to say that Virgin Mobile's charges for pre-paid are really low. So if not for their services, we could similar services from a diff operator. Although any apart from BSNL would do.

PS: most B-schools tentatively begin their session between 10th-20th June and therefore availability of these services before that.

some thoughts came to my mind:

1) possiblity of low cost GPRS
2) retaining existing nos. especially for ppl using the same operator

This is an awesome initiative.....PG has been a life changing experience for many of us. It has become a part and parcel of our life's. I have seen other forums also related to MBA in India and abroad, but the main difference here and there is that here the seniors even after joining a B-School, or even after joining their jobs have devoted so much to this portal.....:).......I have already filled the form, looking forward to buy the sim ....
I'd like to suggest few things here ( kya karu, marketing is in my blood 😁 )

1) While promoting this sim, we can make sure that its not only for puys, but for non-puys as well BUT especially for MBA aspirants ,coz then I am sure a huge chunk of aspirants can be covered.

2) What I have noted here at PG is that many guys do make their PG ID's but do not contribute as such. maybe because of lack of time or access to web ,etc etc....so if there can be any process via which they can post anything on the PG threads via the handsets ....that would be great ...though I don't know whether it will be feasible or not.

3) PG needs promotion at smaller city levels....when I was in one, I just heard the name 'pagalguy' and ignored it thinking it like 'lo ek aur forum on MBA' kinds....and this mentality is there in even the serious of aspirants in small cities.....so target them and has to be done seriously and professionally.....its a huge market , trust me.

Rite now, I have only these ideas , but I'll come up with few more when I have free time, and would surely like to contribute in any way possible.