idbi executives 2018 ap and ts

can share more information regarding the selection procedures of the executives

idbi executives 2018 expected cutoff will be

  • 100-110
  • 110-125
  • 90-100
  • 80-90
  • 125+

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 All of us are aware about the subjects for IDBI Executive Examination 2018. i.e., there are only 3 sections English, Maths & Reasoning. Lot of students can easily solve the questions from Maths & Reasoning. So, try to focus on English as it is going to be a deiding section for the selection. Give yourr best in English section & confirm your berth in 760 posts. All the best friends... 

 There are lots of rumors going all around, therefore, I want to clear doubts of some candidates who appeared in IDBI executive exam after consulting two of my relatives who work in IDBI as a 'General Manager' and an 'Assistant Manager'.  

 They said: 

 1. Salary will be 15300 after deducting 1700 NPS ( i.e. 10 percent of your salary ) for the first year.   

2. You are not going to be terminated until you misbehave (like abusing, involvement in any type of feud, etc) with any customer or colleague or senior and the same rule to follow during your probation period when you join any bank as a probationary officer or a clerk.  

 3. After three years, you will get three chances to seat in the departmental exam for the post of Assistant Manager. If you failed in all the three exams then you will be terminated which is very rare.    

4. If you have someone (contact) in IDBI then you may get posted in your zone. Remember 'zone' not 'city' or 'state'.    

5. You might get a chance to seat in departmental exam even after two years of service but it completely depends upon your performance, recommendations from your seniors and after completing JAIIB & CAIIB.   

6. You aren't entitled to work after 5 or 6 pm depending on your branch timing. You can leave and no one can stop you from doing this. There are two types of branch i.e. 9:30 branch or 10:30 branch.   

7. You may get a backend office where you have to do a little work and pressure is very less but it totally depends on your luck.  

8. There is no any bond and you can leave your job anytime but you have to inform your HR about your resignation at least before 30 days of resigning.   

9. There is no any marketing job for an executive officer.   

10. You may get petrol or fare expense but it totally depends on your 'HR'. You are not entitled to get this but there is no any restriction too.   I hope, it may clear all your doubts. 

Y is idbi result still not declared and Wil it be declared in these week

What r the chances for recruiting waiting list candidates for idbi plz tell me I m in waiting list gen category

is there any whatsup group for idbi executives in ap and ts

Please notify if anyone gets the joining letter.

Please notify if anyone gets the offer letter. If you get any, kindly let me know the details for checking regarding my offer letter.

Please notify if anyone gets the offer letter. And if you get such kindly let me know how to check the status of mine.

I am in waiting list of Idbi executive 2018 (General, 95.25 marks). Is there any chance that it is going to be cleared.

Finally received mail regarding documents verification for idbi executive. Btw i was in waiting list.

Medical test me kya hota hai? Idbi executive ka hai. Any 1 please

Where they can post the idbi executives from andhra and telengana applicants.

I dnt have recent date obc certificate will they reject me.

Guys I am from Hyderabad. I too have verification on 23rd. Please can you help me in clarifying about 10th and 12th passing certificates.Are these study/bonafide certificates issued from school/colleges.  am not able to understand how to get that certificates within short time.

Please share the information about DV and PRMT in Idbi executive 2018 in Hyderabad

After medical test do the chance of getting selected confirmed. Can we be confident enough for receiving it's joining letter.

I got 91.75 marks in idbi executive (general category) there any chance of receiving joining letter after medical

Anyone knows that how much candidates were called against waiting. And what's the chances for joining call. My marks are 90.75 and cutoff was 92 (OBC).