Dear PGs, I’m starting this thread for all joining ICMA, having an offer or at least looking to apply. Lets get to know each other. I’ve offers from the following: RSM - MFM. SDA - MCF. Cranfield - Msc Fin and Mgmt. Cass - Msc…

Dear PGs,

I'm starting this thread for all joining ICMA, having an offer or at least looking to apply. Lets get to know each other.

I've offers from the following:

Cranfield - Msc Fin and Mgmt.
Cass - Msc IM.

Lets discuss.


I have a admit for ISIB course. I have rejects from others univs. viz warwick and CASS. I might go ahead and apply as it is the only option right now.

As for my profile :-
B.E Comp Sci
4 years of work exp.

What about you ? whats you final choice?

Hi Masters,

I would mostly be joining ICMA as well. Basically down to CASS/ ICMA, as these are the best for Investment Banking careers.

What do you think?


I awaiting replies from some of my friends about ICMA. give me ur id I ll forward it to you . I also have a friend at CASS . So if u have any specific questions to ask.. you are more than welcome to ask.
With a tight job market, i would personally rate both the courses as near about equal ..


And have you planned for your accomodation?

Nothing as yet... I will have some answers in a week or so . i am also going to ask the admission dept for this.
What are u thinking ?
Btw Have u finalised the univ as yet ?

Hey Guys,

Even i have recd an offer for ISIB/Investment Mgnt course at ICMA centre for the course startin this sept 09.. Just wonderin if u have any idea on how good is the uni in terms of education,job prospects... ?

Actually got an reject from Warwick.. I have an offer from Exeter as well for Msc Finance & Invstment and Financial Analysis and Fund Management.

I am kinda confused which uni is better in terms of the course structure,job prospects etc...

Hey Guys..

I have decided upon readin uni for ISIB course... too confused with the accomodation part. prefer to stay at the hall of residence only.. with self catered options...

Let me know what do u think.. i guess most of ICMA students are put up at windsor .. but turning out to be slightly on expensive side... pls help!!

ya windsor is expenisve ... childs and bridges are also some other options ...
@harsha whats ur plan man . you decided on what u going to do ?

I gotta check that actually.. I heard bulmershe is pretty far from the uni bldg..

Whats with hillside and martindale.. how far is it away from the uni bldg... ? do u guys have any idea..

Waise, our course will be completed by June end naa.. and whats with the convocation ? I am plannin to take a 38/39 week residency. Probably, after that either move to london and startin looking for jobs.. wat say?

i have just forwarded you a mail on the id that u had given me. Yes the course ends in June.So I guess 38/39 week residency should be ok.

hey aditya,check ur message box!


Not yet, not yet. As i shared with you guys, I'm having a tough time deciding where to go.
LSE sounds great but my offer (Acc and Fin) does 'nt sound good. Although you can take a lot of electives and do most of the applied finance courses, this probably was not what i wanted to do. ISIB is amongst the best applied finance courses in Europe.
But LSE's brand in the city is amazing, you have the I bank HRs virtually living in the campus.

The ICMA offer is valid till June 26th, so probably I'll make up my mind next week or so.

and did you guys notice, the pound appreciated by 3 rupees over the last weekend and its set to gain even further.


As far as ICMA and Cass are concerned I'd strongly suggest Cass Business School. Someone mentioned both are best for a career in Investment Banking but I strongly disagree. If Cass and ICMA are the best what are Oxford, Cambridge and LSE?

To ng0901 - No point going to Exeter at all. Same with ICMA I'd say.

To Harsha - If you have an offer from LSE and you turn it down, trust me, it will be one of the biggest blunder you'd make in your life.

Sorry if I came out as a rude person, but the idea is only to make you guys open your eyes and think!

Hi Guys,

Don't think anyone has replied to this forum for some time now.

Anyway, I had applied to the ICMA Center and have received an offer for both the MSc in Investment Management as well as MSc in ISIB course.

Just wanted to know if any of you did eventually join either of these courses, and how the experience has been so far?

Thanks in advance.