This is for sharing of information related to ICICI PO recruitment.

Anyone there who actually knows the transparent selection procedure and salary details

What u think abt the ifbi senior officers in icici three months programme?? 

Anyone from the CCU recieve GD PI mail

Anyone knows how much stipend we will be getting during one year training and how much salary in hand after 1 yr??

Has anyone got gd/pi dates for po program. I have got a mail regarding the personality test.but no intimation after that.

I got the mail yesterday... saying that u r selected for the Aug 2016 batch... An ur interview and gd will be held in may16 

hey...i gave my interview on 23rd  for icici po...after interview they told me to again give OPQ..Hw do i get 2 know whether i cleared it or not? do they reject if OPQ score will be less again?? any idea

any1 got the mail regarding august batch todaY?

I gave intrvw on 23 rd Feb... And they said result will be in a week... But till now no information regarding that... Any one hav idea regarding the result..??

Hey people. Did any get the the mail who gave their gd/pi on 23rd febraury? Please comment

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Cleared the  aptitude test . Can anyone suggest  the chances of clearing the GD and PI.

GD/PI very easy guys...In GD you get 4 topics in ur mail for which you need to prepare. You get time to put forth your points and its not a fish market scene where every1 is given a time slot to give their points, the interview follows and its the same panel which took our GD. Spoke to one of the panelists and he said 80% of the candidates get selected. So cheerup guys!!!

Does anyone know about the exact payscale? i mean in ICICI website its given 4 Lakh and above per annum.. but does anyone know the exact fix?

Ayone knows the dates fo results....of the gd pi

icici 34 and 35 batch

19 feb gd and interview in delhi 

empi b school

Anyone received mail for may 2016 batch that you are selected??

When this OPQ test we have to give?? I have my gd& pi in the last week of may... I will be informed for OPQ test by mail???

Hi guys,

i have spoken to my college mates who have cleared this ICICI Manipal Academy and joined in ICICI bank. I have clarified all the details as below :

1. Post - Deputy Manager (Band 1)

2. Salary - 23 k (with loan) and 30k (without loan)

3. Profile - Operations, trade & finance, Retail banking and Sales

Now this is a hot discussion. We have heard everyone saying that it's a complete sales profile. It is a total nonsense and false news ! Sales is involved in all fields in all sectors and it is only a part of the job and it is not "the" job. The sector where you will be placed is purely based on you performance at ICICI Manipal Academy.

Exceptional performance - Trade & finance

Good performance - Operations and Retail Banking

Poor performance - Sales

Note: Sales is involved anyway in all the 3 but IT IS ONLY A PART OF THE JOB

4. Place of posting -  Not under control. They do ask choices for courtesy but it is not valued.

this data is very recent, 2013-2014 and is reliable. i have verified this myself from friends working there currently.  Hope this has cleared all your doubts.