welcome people ... anyone wth previous or recent interview experiences

M planning to start one to one mock interviews at  skype where ppl cn take each othr interviews and asses the quality of eachother as no one can be a better judge thn your own peers .. where u cn chose the ppl u wnat to tke intrview with...share ur weakness invite suggestions .. it will be a healthy process.. what say..

Hiii guys!! 

Is original degree required for interview or provisional marks sheet is enough

Sir, what  are the questions can we expect In interview for an Aspirant who did   graduation In   civil  Engineering 

I have not received my original 3rd year marksheet from the university but I have the internet of my 3rd year result also I have my degree and original marksheet of all other years. So if I produce at the time of interview an affadavit stating the reason for having my 3rd year marksheet will they allow me to appear for interview.

wth 33 ppl in ths grp each one of u in hibernation wy dnt u ppl strt being serious about cnvrting it

i have been following mahendras and banersadda interview guide for a list of hr related questions. is there any other better source?

planning frst mock intrviews via skype.. on 15th of january via skype .. ppl intrstd ping me ... or cmmnt

How can I get my application form for 

Does anyone know how many slots for are scheduled in one day? I have the first slot in the morning (8 or 830) I want to know by when would be get free.

Interview today 1pm panel 1 Location: Hyderabad AndraBank Basic about name college branch etc started A small rapid fire Jandhan? Ujjwala? Renewable energy means and examples?? Saubhagya scheme?? what is CVV?? Startup india? Oka case echi edi priority sector lending or not anadu?? Small discussion on below topics with cross questions What all come under priority sector lending?? Foreign currency? Rupee accepted in which country/countries What is Capital Gain ?? Over all it was Good

Union Bank Clerk Join group add S between what and app https://chat.whatapp.com/GxwODIEDLgH711Wza6HsJ6