IBPS Specialist officer markeing- union bank of india

discussion on various topics for those who got selected in union bank as marketing officer-2015-16

does anyone know what will be the in hand salary???????????

Union Bank of India - Service Agreement  - 3 yrs  Bond amount - Rs 2 lakh

Friends i dont have experience certificate will it be a problem??

Hi, I m allotted union bank. I m from ahmedabad, gujarat.. does any1 have any idea about in how much time can we expect to hear something from the bank?

Are we expected to receive an Intimation letter from the bank via post (to the correspondence address) or email?

Hey Guys,

First of all congrats to all who got selected.

I have been watching that many of you are confused about whether to join as PO or SO in marketing.

I had been through this same situation 2 years back. I also got selected in both after my MBA. Few of my seniors working already as marketing officers with Bank of Maharashtra told me that its a hectic job with targets and pressures, but i ignored and joined as marketing officer in Bank of India as joining for it came first (only after 1 month joining of PO also came), and without waiting I joined SO. Believe me life has been terrible. This year my 2 years bond was over and I also got selected in BOB as PO, and SBI assosiate PO result of mine is also due.

Only if you are intend to work in burning summer and chilling winter than only go for it, and for a female life is much more tough. Do consult any marketing officer before joining, not PO as they will say SO has to just make PPTs and Excel sheets (mind it we have to make it after our shift is over, when most of POs go home and enjoy with families). Enough of this job, better to spare 2 years in rural than to wander in a bigggg city to sell insurance and current accounts.

Now some pros and cons of both


Advantage: Rs. 3000 extra in perks

Joining mostly in big cities

Less risk as do not involve direct transactions regarding money

Disadvantages: No time for personal life as working continues till late nights and early morning

Too much burden and hectic

Promotion in every 5 years (Maximum upto scale 3)


Advantage: Sitting job

Promotion in 3 years (upto MD or CEO)

Joining in small cities give sufficent time for family as banks mostly shut by 6 pm.


Joining in rural for first 2 years

Risky regarding money transaction

Guys any idea about joining date or appointment letter?

www.allbankingsolutions.com/Wage-Revision/Promotion-Policies/Union-Bank-Promotion-Policy-2012.pdf       visit this link and see page no. 16 & 17...

Hi, received nothing from the bbank yet..

Anyone got to know about anything regarding joining letter?

ya i heard that not about mar. officer but agri field and po got pre medical attendance information on 09-05-15

anyone from karnataka.

anyone from Mumbai or Pune


Yeah..I also read it on union bank's website for po but nothing is announced for marketing officers.. so waiting eagerly for any sort of notification., do post if anyone gets to know anythiNg..

can any one tell me insurance marketing officer or bank marketing officer which is best job

nyidea fr next notification ?

WTH no communication from bank yet...I know govt banks r slow in functioning but this much time??

union bank of india given reporting date for marketing officer on or before 20-05-2015 and joining date on 01-06-2015 . further details check bank website