IBPS Specialist Officer(2013-14) HR Scale 1-Exam Preparation

Puys!!IBPS has come out with its Specialist Officer notification not as soon as expected...After giving gruelling IBPS PO Exam and followed by surprising RRB Results with a bang,Let's give this exam a damn and put our best from now onwards :bee...

Puys!!IBPS has come out with its Specialist Officer notification not as soon as expected...After giving

gruelling IBPS PO Exam and followed by surprising RRB Results with a bang,Let's give this exam a damn and put our best from now onwards 🍻🍻....Let's share the best of our ideas,strategy,material,planning to make this exam a cakewalk for all of us.


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Here I am attaching the Bonus Act F&A----;

Minimum Wages Act,1948


HR Syllabus:

General HR:

1. Nature and Functions of HRM

2. Personnel policies and procedures

3. Principles of HRM

4. Human resource Planning

5. Recruitment and selection

6. Orientation and Socialization.

7 Mobility of Personnel and Retirement(transfers, promotion, demotion, separation)

8. Training and Development.

9 Job analysis, Job design, job evaluation

10. Compensation (wages and salary), incentive plans

11. Performance and potential appraisal (MBO)

12. Employee morale and productivity

13. Personnel problems and employee counseling (labour turnover, absenteeism, alcoholic and drug abuse)

14. Employee health, safety and welfare

15. Trade unionism, collective bargaining, worker's participation in management, discipline and grievance procedure, motivation (theories), job satisfaction.

Labour Laws(Important):

The Payment of Wages Act,1936

- The Minimum Wages Act,,1948

- The Payment Of Gratuity Act 1972

The Employees Provident Fund and miscellaneous Act 1952

- The Maternity Benefit Act 1961

- The Industrial Dispute Act 1947

- The Payment Of Bonus Act,1965

- The Equal Remuneration Act,1976

- The Industrial Employment(Standing Orders) 1946

Note:Above mentioned syllabus may not be complete even though it covers more than 90% Content🍻🍻🍻

Guys!!! Here I have attached the Complete Bible For HR Exam- "HR Dictionary"

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Hey puys i have done my MBA with HR as major and Finance as minor subject. So can i apply for SO3?

Compensation Management!!!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

hi guys does any one knows the cut off for HR stream in IBPS SO2....

and how many vacancies were there

hello guys ......does anyone knws the cut off for HR Stream in IBPS SO2

and how many vacancies were there for HR

Is everyone who have already filled SO3 form faced the same issue "Jumbling of Banks Preference List" ?/ Is anyone who get the actual preference list what he/she wants after final submission successfully?

Plz Reply..

@Sapinisha wu saw the ongc pdf?

Hey puys....can u plz help me understanding how to convert grades into percentage.

I had the cutoff marks for SO 2 HR after the second round but still did not get allocated to any bank.. have registered for SO 3 but still hoping that third list for SO 2 comes n I get into a bank...

hi guys .......is there a sectional cut off in IBPS SO exam......or the cut off is decided on total marks scored..

hi friends...gone thru the ibps website for vacancies in participating banks for hr specialist officer...its very less...only bank of baroda is providing 22 seats for hr which i found to be highest...

"The Maternity Benefit Act,1961" :smile:


The object of maternity leave and benefit is to protect the dignity of motherhood by providing full and healthy maintenance of woman and her child when she is not working.

Applicability of the Act:-

This act applied every establishment,whether Govt.or Private,or to any shop where 10 or more persons are employed.

Prohibition of Work or Employment by Women during Certain Periods:-

1) Women are prohibited to 6 weeks before the delivery and 6 weeks after the delivery or maximum 12 weeks.She even can't allow herself to do work during this period.

2) When her work is of arduous nature or standing long hours,She can make a request to her employer upto one month preceding the 6 weeks before her delivery

Entitlement to Payment of Maternity Benefit:-

Under this Act,Every employer is liable to pay average daily wages during this 12 weeks(6 weeks preceding the delivery and 6 weeks after the delivery) absence.

Calculation of Average Daily Wages:-

Average wages means the wages received by her during the three months preceding the date when she absents herself on account of maternity under Minimum Wages Act,1948 or 10 rupees whichever is highest.

Entitlement of Maternity Benefit:-

Only those women are entitiled to receive the materntiy benefits who have done 80 days of work in last twelve months which includes her layoffs time,all holidays under law.

Notice of Claim for Maternity Benefit and Payment thereof:-

She has give in writing for her absence where it is clearly mentioned from which date to till date she will be absent.Also she has to mention in that letter her nominee name for maternity insurance if she dies due to her pregnancy.If any woman has not given any notice in advance,she can give as soon as after the delivery.

Amount of Maternity benefit:-

As soon as Employer receives the notice from the woman,within 48 hrs he has to give the amount in advance.

Payment of Medical Bonus:-

Every woman entitled to receive maternity benefit under this act will also be entitled to receive from her employer a medical bonus of 3500 rupees if no pre-natal confinement and post-natal care is provided by employer free of charge

Nursing Breaks:

On her request to her employer,Every woman who has delivered a child returns to duty is entitled to receive 2 nursing breaks(15 minutes each) till the child turn 15 months old.

Discharge and Dismissal of workman:-

No employer can discharge or dismiss the women during this pre-approved absence for her maternity leave.

Penalty of Contravention of the Act Employer:-

If the employer fails to provide maternity benefits under this act to the entitled workman,he may face an imprisonment upto 3 months to 1 year or fine 2000 rupees to 5000 rupees or both.

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Need old question papers for IBPS SO HR..Plzz help

The Payment of Gratuity Act,1972 πŸ˜ƒ

Applicability of the Act:-

The act applied to every establishment or shop in which 10 or more persons are employed or were employed on any day of the preceding 12 months.

Maximum Accumulation of Gratuity Payment:-

Gratuity can be accumulated maximum upto Rs.10,00,000

Qualifying Period:-

On rendering of 5 years' services or termination or resignation or retirement.

Payment in Case of Death:-

An employer will be liable to pay gratuity to the legal heirs/nominees of the deceased employee even if the employee had not completed 5 years of service.

Wages for Calculation:-

@15 days' wages for every completed year as if the month comprises of 26 days at the last drawn wages.For instance, the calculation of gratuity for an employee having served for 20 years and drawing salary of Rs.5,200 per month will be as under-

Rs. 5,200 per month last drawn salary(5200*15/26 =3000 per month)
3000 per month * 20(No.of year services ) = Rs. 60,000

Meaning of Wages(for calculation of Gratuity purpose):-

For payment of gratuity,Basic Salary+Dearness Allowances are counted in wages calculation.It does not include commission,Bonus,HRA,Overtime wages and any other allowance.

Continuous Service--Meaning of:-

1)An employee shall be said to be in continuous service for a period if he has,for that period, been in uninterrupted service,including service which may be interrupted on account of sickness,accident,leave,absence from duty due to lay offs,lock outs,etc.

2)Where an employee not being an employee employed in a seasonal establishment is not in continuous service within the meaning of clause 1) for any period of one year or six months,he shall be deemed to be in continuous service under the employee-

a) for the said period of 1 year- 1)190 days in a mine or an establishment which works for less than 6 days in a week; and 2) 240 days in any other case

b) for the said period of 6 months,if the employee during the period of six calender months preceding the date with reference to which the calculation is to be made,has actually worked under the employer for not less than-

1) 95 Days in case of mine or an establishment which works less than 6 days a week.2) 190 days in any other case.

Employee in seasonal establishment:-

for any period of one year or 6 months,75% of the number of days on which the establishment was in operation during such period.

Duty of the Employer to Pay Gratuity:-

This is a statutory duty and obligation to pay gratuity to the employee.Employer shall arrange the payment of gratuity within 30 days from the date when employee is applicable to get.After 30 days,employer has pay a fixed 10% simple interest on the non payment.

Display of Notice:-

There is statutory obligation under this act to display a notice regarding all the rules and abstract of this act on the main gate or near the gate in Bold Letters in English Language or in the language understood by majority of the people.

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