IBPS SO (IT) VIII Recruitment 2019

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IBPS SO (IT) VIII Recruitment 2019 Notification:


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Refer official website – https://ibps.in/

IBPS SO Mains is scheduled on – January 25, 2020.


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IBPS SO – VII 2018 Marketing Officer

Guys, post materials for Pre exams and help fellow candidates?

IBPS SO (IT) previous year cutoff for Pre exam was 89.88 out of 125 hence prepare accordingly.....breakup is as follows : 

English (50 questions of 0.50 marks each)  -  25 marks   -  40 minutes

Reasoning (50 questions of 1 marks each)  - 50 marks  -  40 minutes  

Reasoning (50 questions of 1 marks each)  - 50 marks   - 40 minutes

Total (150 questions)   -  125 marks

Guys, remember major difference this time is that there is sectional timing of 40 minutes for each section which was not there last year.

Unofficial tip - If u manage to finish English before time i.e. before 40 minutes, in remaining time u can draw references on rough paper before starting other section (like writing A to Z with numbers, or making tables etc that cud be needed to solve reasoning and quant questions). Not a big tip but could save a minute a two.

Can i apply for ibps so if i have completed 3 yrs be after 3 yrs diploma?

Guys, what do u think of the below syllabus for mains...it is for CAIIB conducted by IIBF ....and all this content is available in one book " Information Technology (CAIIB) by IIBF" publisher MacMillan

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Module - A: Introduction to Information Technology

Impact of IT on Banking : Changing Financial Environment and IT as a Strategic Response Hardware (H / W) - Software : (S / W)

System Software :

Operating Systems (Desktop OS / Server OS) Windows (Desktop / Server) / UNIX (H. P. Unix, Sun Solaris, Linux, IBMAIX)

Computer Languages - 1st Generation Languages (Assembly), 2nd Generation (Fortran, Algol, Cobol), 3rd Generation (C, C++, C# and JAVA etc.) and 4th Generation Languages (Clipper, Power Builder, SQL etc.) and 5th Generation Languages (Logic Programming Languages)

Database Management System and Relational Database Management Systems (Oracle10g, MS SQL-2005, MySQL)

Application Servers (Oracle 10AS, BeWeblogic, WebSheare ) Web Servers (IIS, Apachi etc.)

Web Browsers (IE 7.0, Firefox etc.)

Application Software : Packaged Software, Custom built Software etc. Computer Networks, Equipment & Data Communication:

Computer Networks : Network Layers, Topologies, Protocols, IP Address Mechanisms, LAN, WAN, VLAN, Intranet, Extranet, Internet,

Network Equipments : Cables (BNC, Twisted Pair, Fibre Optics), Connectors, I/Os, Patch Panel, Jack Panels, Network Racks.

Data Communication : CLL, Leased Lines, MPLS, VPNS, ISDN, Satellite Links, Wi Fi, Wi Max., Network / Security Equipments: Modems, Hubs, Switches, Bridges, Routers, Firewalls, NIDS, HIDS, IPS

Module - B : Systems and Design

Systems Design & Analysis Data modeling, Entity Relationships, Generic Data Modeling, Semantic Data modeling Normalization (from 1st to 3rd and BCNF, 4th & 5th level of normalization)


Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Various phases of SDLC, In-house / Out-sourcing, Software Project Management, Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tools. System Architecture : Clients (Hardware / Software), Servers (Hardware / Software). Client Server Architecture, 3 Tier Architecture, N-Tier Architecture etc.

Data Warehousing - Data Mining tools

MIS and Organization Support Systems - DSS, EIS, GDSS, Groupware and Multimedia Business Intelligence - Expert Systems, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) Grid Computing, Virtualization and Consolidation.

Module - C : Applications in Banking

Centralized Banking System / Core Banking System / System Administration, Database Administration, Application Server and Application Administration, Network Administration, Domains, ISPS, Hosting, Data Downloads / Uploads, Band widths, Data Centre, Data Storage Devices, Data Backups / Restoration, Disaster Recovery Centre

Delivery Channels - ATM, EFTPOS, Phone Banking, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking, Credit / Debit Cards, Smart Cards

E-Mails, SMS alerts

E-Commerce - Secure Electronic Transfer (SET), Payment Gateways (Credit card / Debit cards), Authentication of payments etc.

PKI - CCA, CA, RA, Digital Certificate, Digital Signature, Non-repudiation of Origin, Non-repudiation of Receipt.

Service - Level Agreement

Module - D : Security, Controls and Guidelines

Threats to Information System : i) Physical (Insiders / outsiders) ii) Viruses, Worms, Trojan horse, Malwares, Software bombs, Phishing, Spoofing, Spamming, denial of service attacks etc.

Information System Security Measures, Policy, controls, ISO, 17799, BS7799, IS4477, IS Audit, BCP / DRP, IT Act 2000, Basel guidelines for E-banking, Various RBI Committee Reports on Information Systems.

IT Service Delivery & Support : Service level management practices, Operations management - work load scheduling, network services management, Preventive maintenance, Systems performance monitoring process tools, techniques, Functionality of hardware, software, data base. Drafting of RFP, system specifications, SLAs, Capacity planning & monitoring, Change management processes / scheduled, emergency in configuration of production systems, application of patches, releases etc., Incident & problem management practices, System resiliency tools and techniques - fault tolerance, elimination of single point of failure, clustering.


Any one in reserve list of IBPS SO IT VII.. please join https://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/ibps-vii-it-officer-reserve-list-2018-2019-4591435876139008

Has anyone from ece branch cleared so it exam 2017?

Can anyone please tell me what shall I enter as 'number of graduation years' while filling the form? I've done diploma in Electronics and telecommunications (3 yrs) and B.TECH in electronics and communications (3 yrs as lateral entry)

Happy to help...missed last yr so it by .7 marks final selection.

I have studied electronics and computer engineering in btech .can I apply for IT officer scale 1 .please guide

Is distance university degree affect interview marks compared to regular one?

thumb impression manga he kya??? What about attempt?? I attempt only prelim last year doea that count??

Which all programming language we need to study?

Source's to be followed for Professional Knowldege for An EC student who wants to start from zero ?


Tomorrow onwards shall we start our professional knowledge studies

How many of u applied for ibps po or sbi po and clerk

How many people have applied for so it this year?

Guys ibps so prelims cutoff for obc

any test series suggestion guys?