IBPS SO 2017 IT officer/ Marketing/ HR/ Agriculture

Target IBPS Specialist officer 2017

Notification out 2017


My last year marks IBPS IT officer


still unemployed because of  date clash sbi/ibps SO

 Hey puys!!

I am in the final semester of my post-graduation now and would be appearing for my final sem examinations in Jan. Can I also apply for IBPS SO HR?
TIA !!! 

If any1 wants mock of ibps so msg me Oliveboard Reasonable price

Which book is best for IBPS SO HR preparation?

Suggest some books for IT Officer.

what is the inhand salary for IT officer scale I?

Anybody knows what is the selection ratio from pre to mains 1:10 or 1:20

electrical graduate can apply ?

Diploma students Apply for IBPS so????? Frnds reply pls

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if  any1 needs mock of so then msg me 


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Hi Everyone In my district they issue caste certificate in which name and other details are written in hindi. Is it valid for appearing in interview?

Which test series should i buy for ibps so hr..?? Please tell anyone..

Anybody SO (marketing) asparints ?

Anyone preparing for SO HR here please tell me which book should i prefer... Which covers the syllabus..

Ibps so mocks chahiye oliveboard ??

for people who are still searching for a one-stop solution to professional knowledge in ibps it officer,u can go for the kiran publication book.its written decently,with good theory and a large number of explained mcqs.apart from kiran,the professional knowledge IT book of Disha Experts has also gained some reputation,but i cant say for sure because i didnt buy that book.Another book which u can explore is the Studycopter IT officer book(its already out of stock in amazon).However,I can only vouch for the quality of Kiran book alone,and for the rest I am giving the opinions of 3rd persons :) Anyway,whatever book u are following,stick to that,dont read a hell lot of materials.for example,I met a person last year who was reading Faraozan for the networking part of this exam :D .U are not giving any semester exams on these topics,hence nothing in depth is required,just passing knowledge is enough.And in case u are looking for a bit more indepth coverage on some important topics like dbms,u can peruse the free pdfs given in this website (here also I would repeat my earlier suggestion of not confusing or overloading urself with a truckload of materials)   http://www.bankexamstoday.com/2015/12/professional-knowledge-series-for-sbi.html              ATB _/\_ 

Anyone has SO IT paper conduucted on Jan 2017?