Commencement of registration November 2016

Last Date of Online Registration December 2016

Downloading of SBI SO 2016 call letter January 2017

Online Test for SBI Specialist Officer 2016 January 2017

Declaration of Result February 2017

Interview/ Personal Interview March 2017

Guys the exam is far away..

Still a early start would be beneficial considering the low no of vacancies and high competition

when is the notification expected? are 2017 graduates eligible? what are the subjects for professional knowledge?

what will the difficulty level of sbi so???  how to prepare for professional knowledge

Anyone can share resources or materials regarding sbi so for knowledge paper. For it

Please mention the name  of the best institute teaching Professional Knowledge in Bengaluru..

As I'm currently working and as I can get exp letter only after the resignation, do I have to produce the same while on interview?

Is there any negative marking in SBI Assistant Manager(System) exam?.. And what about its salary?.

Can anyone please describe SBI ( I.T. OFFICER JMGS 1 ) professional knowledge Syllabus ?

I am presently working in a bank, how to fill employment details, what to fill in fields "total period of service from to" and "reason for leaving" ?

plzz someone share the material for professional knowledge..... plzz

 previous year i lost SBI SO by 3 marks in written.will anyone please tell me how to increase my score for final selection.i followed standard text books but still find surprising questions in exam which iam unable to deal like oracle question,some question of networking(which is hard to find in forouzan) 😢 one more thing as people say it is really hard to crack interview of SBI SO.how one should deal with your interview(i am fresher).???i know i asked a no.of question but i hardly find some one to reply.any expert plz

i got 42.5 in PK in SBI SO 2016 without any preparation.But interview was called from 59.5. So this time it seems if we get more than 75+ in PK only we can hope for job. So can any one plz suggest me any MCQ's or basic concepts books to prepare in 1 month.  http://imgur.com/a/WaJJi

SBI SO IT Questions (17/01/2016) Based on Memory


1. Dataware house supports - OLAP, OLAP+OLTP, etc

2. To see all the users in Oracle DB, we use - DBA_USERS

3. Bits stream movement is function of which layer - Layer 1

4. Keyloggers are - Spyware

5. Platform/Operating system services provided by - PaaS

6. Main definition of Cloud Computing -

7. Common functions of TCP & UDP - Multiplexing

8. Inbuit security of 802.11b - WeP-128key

9. Which is the correct definition of Spoofing

10. Digital Identification - Digital Certificate

11. What does * indicate in SELECT statement

12. Which of the following is the correct SQL command - difference was in WHERE clause

13. Prototyping is used in which phase of SDLC.

14. 1 question was regarding about SDLC Requirment gathering phase.

15. 1 question on disaster management.

16. Which layer supports routing + message delivery.

17. Class A assignable network range - 1-126

18. How to select 20 rows from 50 rows in a relational database - horizantal selection

19. 1 question about OLE

20. Oracle background process for memory management/statistics - MMON, MMAN, MMAL, etc

21. Which of the following is Oracle DB file - Control file, procedure log file, etc.

22. How can we still see a web page if internet connection goes off - cache buffer, virtual cache server, etc

23. 1 question was on CASE tools

24. 1 question was on Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

25. Interface with which external programs/users communicate to web pages - CGI

26. Which of the following defines the Kernel of an OS

27. 1 question was on COM

28. Make a message in intangible form - Encryption

29. Routing/message delivery is function of which layer

30. 1 question was on Function Points

31. 1 question was database recovery backup

32. 1 question on Oracle 9i privileges

33. Oracle 9i Shared Pool related question


Which of the following is the correct definition of Cloud Computing -

Cloud computing, also known as 'on-demand computing', is a kind

of Internet-based computing, where shared resources, data and

information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand

35. 1 more question was on Cloud Computing

36. Tools to reflect the current changes in the Business Intelligence - Agile BI

37. 1 question was on Computer Architecture

38. To house, maintain, servicing the websites - Hosting

39. 1 or 2 questions were on S/W testing

40. Purpose of developing the Java platform/software

Hi guys. Can anyone please tell me which book to refere for Professional Knowledge???

Anyone hv scorecard of 2015 sbi so system exam ??

 can anybody tell me is there any requirement like first class in  their BE/B.Tech to apply SBI SO..... 

My BE is done in june but i dont have marksheet yet. Can i apply ? Also are final year students eligible?

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Anyone applied for Developer (scale 2) SBI IT officer post?


guys..after seeing the ur comments i got confused ,in pk section

as u are saying they asked question from oracle (9i)...so i want to know 

this time we will expect they will ask question from oracle 9i version or latest

plz clear my doubt ???