IBPS RRB/PO 2015 Interview Preparation.


Officer Scale 1

Should boys wear Taaaaaaaaaay?

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Puys, how will you justify your preference of banks in RRB? I selected banks randomly like 1st Jhabua 2nd Himachal Pradesh Gramin bank 3rd Nagaland lol. Is there any way I can give an excuse while not sounding careless? 

What is the difference between Authorized capital and Issued capital .?

Authorized capital vs Issued capital 

ok guys from now m posting quesns related to interview which asked from me...
what the purpose of linking adhaar card with account??

now next quesn ...

how adhaar card used in money laundering and income avoidence??

what are d disadvantages of adhaar card ??

Please explain the difference between authorized capital and issued capital .?

Scale 1 interview mein Local language prof test me kya hota hai. please share.. thank you

Kaun si book follow kar rhe ho aaplog banking k liye for interview purpose..

"you have done BTech/BE...thn why u want to join banking sector"

what should be the perfect answer to this question ?

Why do you want to join RRB instead of any other nationalized bank(BOB , PNB etc)?

Interview ques: what are NPA's..how to reduce them

what is a zero coupon bond?

Misinformation over aadhar...

                     1.aadhaar is not secure..

ANS:For Aadhaar, the data is encrypted at source. When you enroll, the data is encrypted and stored in a disk...operator has no control over that. only the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) can read the encrypted data and that too only in the system. "No human can read it. The data is encrypted at the highest 2048 bit encryption, which takes 1000s of years to crack .

                      2.is it a informed choice?

ANS.yes,When you choose to go for Aadhaar and give biometrics of course it is an informed choice.for example, if they give their biometrics. When one uses an iPad, information about them, including biometrics, goes to the Apple system. Similar is the case with Gmail, they have access to all mails. So person makes a conscious choice that while I understand that these things are there, I am still doing it because it is beneficial. Aadhaar is like that, you are getting a number which ultimately benefits you in many ways..

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koi mujhe basel norms samjha do....plzzz

Please suggest interview question from electronics background............which topic to study.??

what   being an engineer you can add to a rrb?

plz help me frnds Is RRB scale 1 good or IBPS PO

What are the two main problems banks are facing today? What should be done to solve them?