Interview disussion , idea sharing , charting strategies for upcoming interviews..

interview er jonno kivabe prepare hobo?

wlcom guys to this grp suggst this pge to ur frnds we need atleast 10 ppl to strt discussing how to handle intrviews sharing concerns .. all that stuff..

1st time interview.. How to prepare???

west bengal this tym 2 banks are there 1) uttar banga gramin bank 

2) pscim banga gramin bank.. anybody hving previous exp of rrb intrviews cn shre ... i hv attnded sbi nd bob intrviews but rrb is my frst tym... so nybdy wth exp?

guys, what's the cutoff for west bengal ?

What is the hindi cutoff in wb?

hws da prep going guys..

dates out

 whose interviews on 26th dec in paschim banga gramin bank dhapa kolkata.. 

  • shift 1
  • shift 2

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What is the 1st date for rrb po interview???

post any queries regarding intrview as im too appearing .. hve experience of sbi po nd bob intrview though nt selected

Attempts guys:

  • 130-140
  • 105-110
  • 110-120
  • 140 above
  • 100-105
  • 120-130

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Please share your experiences of the interview

nyone aattnd tdys intrview plz shre ur exp eriences

hows rrb prforming know... is it viable .. question askd in ths year intrview

anybdy attnded intrviews from bngal plz shre tge experiencesss.

ibps mains in????

  • no
  • yes

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 M planning to start one to one mock interviews at  skype where ppl cn take each othr interviews and asses the quality of eachother as no one can be a better judge thn your own peers .. where u cn chose the ppl u wnat to tke intrview with...share ur weakness invite suggestions .. it will be a healthy process.. what say.. 

ur marks, guys ?