Ibps po3 , clerk 3 and rrb discussion

hi puys... *PO3 *interview result is on hold , it can come any time. in the mean time, all IBPS RRB qualified puys, you can presently apply for following Banks: 1\. *chhattisgarh gramin* *bank* last date - 11 feb http://www.cg...

hi puys... PO3 interview result is on hold , it can come any time.

in the mean time, all IBPS RRB qualified puys, you can presently apply for following Banks:

1. chhattisgarh gramin bank
last date - 11 feb

2. baroda gramin bank
last date - 11 feb

3. narmada jhabua gramin bank
last date - 10 feb

4. kerala gramin bank

last date - 05 feb

5. Tripura Gramin Bank

last date - 14 feb

6. odhisha gramin bank

last date - 14 feb

which section needs maximum preparation

Six friends P, Q, R, S, T and U work in 6 different banks, viz. UCO, Syndicate, SBI, Canara, PNB and BOI bank (but not necessarily in same order). Each of them has a different bike; viz. Pulsar, Ninja, Hunk, R-15, Apache & Avenger (but not necessarily in same order).

(I) The one who has Pulsar works in Canara bank and the one who has Ninja works in UCO bank.

(II) U does not work either in SBI or PNB. P has Hunk and works in Syndicate.

(III) T works in BOI and S and Q does not work in Canara. S does not have Avenger.

(IV) The one who works in PNB does not have apache or R15 and R works in UCO.

1. Who works in SBI?

(1) Q (2) R

(3) S (4) T

(5) U

2. Who has avenger?

(1) Q (2) S

(3) T (4) U

(5) R

3. Which of the following pairs of person and bike is correct?

(1) Q- avenger (2) R-R15

(3) T-pulsar (4) S-Hunk

(5) None of these

4. Which of the following pairs of person and organization is correct?

(1) R-Canara (2) T-Syndicate

(3) S-BOI (4) Q-PNB

(5) None of these

5. Who works in PNB?

(1) Q (2) R

(3) S (4) U

(5) None of these

6. Who works in BOI?

(1) Q (2) T

(3) R (4) U or S

(5) Data inadequate

7. Which of the following pairs of person- organization –bike is correct?

(1) P-Syndicate-Avenger (2) Q-BOI-Hunk

(3) T- BOI- R15 (4) S- UCO-Ninja

(5) None of these

8. Who among the following have Ninja?

(1) Q (2) T

(3) U (4) S

(5) None of these

9. The person in PNB bank comes from which bike?

(1) Pulsar (2) Avenger

(3) Apache (4) R15

(5) None of these

solve and tell your answers in comments

IBPS Bank PO exam pattern

syllabus- computer

syllabus- english

is notification out??




1. Pakistan is yet to officially declare Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) victorious in the country's general elections, but the man set to be the new Prime Minister and India's Manmohan Singh already seem keen to move forward on the dialogue process.

2. RBI's projected 5.7% GDP growth for 2013-14

3. Gold coins bearing Sachin's face, signature launched

The 24 karat gold coin is priced at Rs. 34,000 and will be available onValuemart Gold and leading jewellery stores across the country.

4. Serena & Nadal wins Madrid Open

5. Barcelona win Spanish title for 22nd time


1. The assassin was convicted/(a) and ordered to be hung/(b)even though the defense lawyer handled the case efficiently./(c)No error /(d).

2. Being unable to / (a) cope up with the syllabus / (b) he discontinued the course. / (c) No error /(d)

3. If I was told earlier / (a) I would have / (b) certainly helped you / (c) No error (d)

4. Alms / (a) are given / (b) to the poors / (c) No error/ (d)

5. Mrs. Pratap , being a good teacher /(a) she is selected / (b) for the National Award / (c)No error/ (d)

6. We have to / (a) insure that members /(b) fulfill the requirements. (c) No error/ (d)

7. No sooner did the teacher / (a) enter the class / (b) when the students stood up. / (c) No error/ (d)

8. The type of qualities you acquire / (a) depend upon your company / (b) and so you associate yourselves with simple and good natured people. / (c) No error/ (d)

9. The earth's atmosphere / (a) comprises of / (b) numerous gases. / (c) No error/ (d)

10. He / (a) takes pain / (b) over his work. / (c) NO error /(d)

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@ROGER-THAT i am new here..can any one tell when is the exam,is the notification out ...

guys , i have completed my PGDM - Finance this year ,,,

i want to ask will i be eligible to give ibps as i have 59.6 % in my graduation ,,,,???

G.a update(15 may)

Britain launched Super Priority Visa Service for Travellers from India

India unveils first indigenous rotavirus vaccine

Was not aware of previous pattern of SBI...Some paper mentioned that "60% criteria is removed from SBI PO this year"........May be I am wrong.......For IBPS PO you will not be eligible becoz a friend of mine given PO2 and said it was his last attempt becoz of @kushrg

What is the greatest number that will divide 2930 and 3250 and will leave remainders 7 and 11 respectively?

  • 89
  • 10
  • 41
  • 79
  • 5

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waiting for notification..👍

World Press Freedom Day is observed on ____?

  • 21st may
  • 1st may
  • 3rd may
  • 7th may
  • 13th may

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