IBPS PO V Reserve list Candidates


Hii pls join the group all reserve list candidates

"2.This does not guarantee provisional allotment to/recruitment by the Participating Organisation(s). In the event of Participating Organisations providing vacancies during April 2016-March 2017, provisional allotment will be carried out for the candidates in the reserve list. However if no vacancy is furnished by the Participating Organisations during the validity period owing to exigencies or otherwise the candidates under the reserve list will not be considered for allotment".This what makes me doubt that everyone in reserve list will get allotment as ibps shocked us today with high cutoffs 

49.8 (96.5) rl bhai log share your marks.

RL me bi kya category students ko preference milegi???? 

Which exams help to create vacancies in IBPS PO for reserve list candidates....

Suppose,if a po candidate left seat after selection in LIC or SBI,then that seat will be considered under RL or a vacancy for 2017?? Bcoz RL means giving those vacant seats which is not joined by candidates...

we will make it through..... just believe it.

Is there any who is selected in both Po5 and Clerk5  from Chhattisgarh (CG)


reserve list candidates

Due to low vacancies and also three banks doesn't recruit this time makes me panic about the chances of getting allotment through the reserve list......

what do you think friends, will we make it?

I think by filling RTI about vacancies for 2015-16 will only make all reserve list canditatess to get allotment 

Hello..Puys. Should I apply for icici po manipal programme..?because I am in po v reserve list with 49.7. But I am also worried because the seats in ibps po are decreasing .

Guys theres one more Reserve list group with more people 

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hii....i am in po v RL 46.50(obc)


pahale nahi hota tha 10% reserve list ka cap..and approx 34% seats unfilled rahati thi.........so 10% wale reserve list are confirmed for their job

Bank of Baroda has notified vacancies for 400 PO. Does this vacancies would interfere with IBPS PO V Reserve list??? Pls suggest


guyzz ..join the group ...help us to unite .. 

for sc candidates of po 5 reserve list only.... marks

  • 44.40
  • 44.20
  • 44.30
  • 44.00
  • 44.10

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Wen will be the allotment done if vacancies available??Someone plz tell me if we r in reserve list allotment will be made during any time in the year or on the last day ie 9/3/18???