Dear CBI friends let us gather under one roof...

Where are you people from...i am from Pune, Maharashtra

I know there are very few of us..but this one thread can help us keep up with all the updates....

Interview score kya raha..?..i got only 60..even though interview was good...

Got selected as HR officer scale 1 in Central bank..

Guys when can we expect the joining any clue?

friend share mobile no who got central bank of india

Gud morning friends...I have a query..CBI candidates ka medical apne doc se karwate hain ya candidates apne district govt hospital se medical report banwa kar submit karna padega???

got CBI clerk from telangana

Got CBI clerk in TamilNadu..When can we expect further notifications

cbi clerk in maharashtra, what's the next step?

aap logo ka watsp group ban gya ki nahi?

Got clerk from uttar pradesh

Cbi clerk Maharashtra.. anyone?

Selected as PO in CBI from Uttar Pradesh.

Anyone from U.P.???

Got CBI PO from punjab... Anyone?

SO AFO from Pune. Anyone? or any group?

Got CBI po from Andhra Pradesh...Am the only one in my institute who got CBI rest all got syndi n Canara....CBI po r very rare yy...any one who is aware of CBI pls tell me abt that bank

Po maharashtra

Cbi po from newdelhi