IBPS PO /MT-7 (2017-18)

This group is created study purpose and sharing queries and notes important for IBPS PO. Please post your questions we all will try to solve that in shorest meathod .


how many vacancies are expected in ibps po 7

14 men can do a work in 18 days ,15 women can do a work in 24 days. If 14 men work for first three days and 10 women work after that for three days find the part of work left after that?

  • 1/5
  • 3/4
  • 1/2
  • 1/4
  • 1/6

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Find the probability that a number from 1 to 300 is divisible by 3 or 7 ?

Singapore world's most cybersecure country, India ranked 25 


 UAE to Host Indoor Cricket World Cup 2017 


The Economist  


IBPS PO/MT-7 (2017-18)  Notification  (Don't know it is real or fack  i found in a group)


We need only 1 job so don't worry about vacancies  in ibps and  start preparing.  start posting difficult  questions  like puzzles,  error detection important English articles etc.   If  we give our 100 %   will definitely be in.  

what is the difference difference between IBPS PO & RRB PO salary structure ?

anybody having a google drive link for Simplification & Approximation?

New youtube chnl Lauchd by myself Share to ur frnds for those who r preparing for competative xmz..😀 https://youtu.be/KxaHA_5hitc


  Ibps hasn't published any notification  ,   what u think?  Rrb expected notification date. 

https://youtu.be/HtJQPf2oi5U July 12th currnt affair in tamil
https://youtu.be/zNKuuiT_2Hk Banking awarness episode 2 Faq topics...
https://youtu.be/YKrh_Nr0lFE 13th july current affairs

Total distance between A and B is d kms. If the distance travelled along the stream is three time of the total distance and the distance travelled against the stream is two times of the total distance. If the time taken to cover the distance along the stream is 10% less then the time taken to cover the distance against the stream. If a person cover a distance of 21 km in 1 hr 24 min along the stream, then find the rate of current ?

  • None of these
  • 1 km/hr
  • 3 km/hr
  • 2 km/hr
  • 4 km/hr

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