Ibps po 4 exam review & interview discussion

IBPS PO 4  exam will start from 11 oct, 2014........so exam review will help students know the pattern and its difficulty level. This will also help to know the number of attempts by students and finally help to know the expected cut off. This thread will also help you in preparation of interview.

Hello guys...anybody here whose examination is on 11th Oct

A man earns m% per month on the first 2000 rupees of his income and n% per month on the rest of his income. If it is known that in January he has earned Rs. 700 from Rs. 4000 and in February he has earned Rs. 900 from Rs. 5000 of income. Find the value of m.

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how was the paper today in the morning and afternoon session??

Is there any chance of TWSS score going beyond 80??

Attempted 121. Accuracy over 90%. What will be my TWSS? Around 95?

100 : 130: 1000/9

simplify this

GK - 31

Computers - 19

English - 25

Quant - 25

Reasoning - 27

Total - 127

It was tougher than last year...some how I found English section tougher than what I faced in SBI PO. Perhaps because I haven't practised that much for IBPS. But overall paper was definitely tougher than last year!!!

11 oct evening tot-90 with 90-95% accuracy but only 5 in quant with 100% accuracy...gen cat....any chance?

11 oct evening tot-90 with 90-95% accuracy but only 5 in quant with 100% accuracy...gen cat....any chance?

Is twiss score always greater than the actual score ? ???

have taken po exam on 12th mrng session Comp-19 GA-25 Eng-25 reas-20 quant-13 total 102 is there any chance overall accuracy is 85% and hv doubt abt eng accuracy OBC-catgry

anyone here who appeared in moring shift 12 oct like me??

is there anybdy who gave ibps po3 as well as po4? cn u temme is the difficulty level same as po3 or its lesser or greater than that? and how accordingly will the cut offs be... lesser or greater than last year?

kindly comment!

What is the avg no. of question attempted in exam?


When can we expect the result to come? When was it dec.lared last year?

total 132, ga 37, cmp 19, rsning 32, eng 26, q 18

wid abt 85-90% accuracy

maths was tough rest was not much trouble

Any one going to gurgaon college of engineering on 18th afternoon slot from delhi ??

hii guys!! my exam was on 12 oct.....

I attempted COMP-15,GA-22,ENG-25, REAS-25 but only 10 in MATHS with 100% accuracy...total-97

Is there any scope to pass in this exam?? plzz reply??