IBPS PO 2017 Target 35+ in Reasoning [ New Pattern ]

PO Mains Target 35+ mark in Reasoning || New Pattern Reasoning || Advance Puzzles +Arrangements || Advance Input-Output || Advance Coding Decoding ||

Michael is planning to escape a prison along with some other convicts including his brother, thus a total of six persons are planning for the escape. The other convicts are P, Q, S, T and U. The prison is built in such a way that there are five floors in the building with topmost floor numbered as 5th , 4th below it till the bottommost(ground) floor as 1st. There are eight cells on each floor, four facing the other four, such that there are two rows. These cells are marked alphabetically in such a way that cell A is at one of the ends with cell B facing it, followed by cell C neighbouring A, and facing D and this pattern continues on till the cell marked as H. Each and every convict lives on a differently marked cell. Only one person is kept on the second floor. Only two persons are kept in the cells which are on the row which does not have any of the cell marked as vowel. P is imprisoned in a cell marked as a vowel and on an even numbered floor. S is kept on an even numbered floor, but not above T. No one is kept on the cells which are marked as the one diagonally opposite to the cell of T. S and the person kept on the cell marked as F are on the same floor. Only one person is kept on the cell marked as a vowel and he is not named as a vowel. S is not kept at any of the ends, while the person kept in the cell immediately opposite to the cell below T’s cell is kept at one of the ends . Q is kept in a cell opposite to the vacant cell between the cells of U and S.