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What&how to prepare for descriptive paper???

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Guys how are your attemots at practice mock ibps po mains?? Shiverring exp for me any how i am getting ranks like under 20

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Do we need to study all topics which come under "Foreign Exchange" in RBI FAQs? Coz the info is damn vast. Plz help

If anyone is having PDFs of high level DI and REASONING, they could share it here. It would be beneficial for everyone. And @Cricendulkar.x & @NoNoNo11 good initiative, carry on with the quizzes. Thank you.

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It is a popular misconception that a nuclear fusion power is free of radioactivity;in fact the deuterium tritium reaction that nuclear scientist are currently exploring produce both Alpha particles and neutrons. 

Which of the following can be inferred from the above? 

 1.Nuclear fusion does not involve production of Alpha particles and neutrons.

2. Production of Alpha particles and neutrons constitutes radioactivity. 

3. Nuclear fusion does not result in radioactivity .

4.The deuterium tritium reaction is an example of nuclear fission. 

India's strategy at the Paris climate change Summit is to work with emerging economies and press the developed World to concede that responsibility for cutting carbon emissions after 2020 cannot be shared equally by rich and poor Nations. India says that her National per capita emissions are very low at 1.56 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (about a 10th of some developed nations) and its share of cumulative Global emissions only 3%.

 Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen India's contention?

1. India has been engaged 60 countries ranging from the least developed countries to the developed Nations to evolve a consensus. 

2. Green cover in India is larger than that of developed countries. 

3. There is a concerted attempt to bring India under pressure by painting the country as 'obstructionist'. 

4. Developed nations seek to eliminate poverty through fast-paced economic growth.

The epistolary fact is one of the interesting literary devices used by critics to understand the relationship between the letter writer and the letter recipient.The basic premise is the fact that the reader is 'called upon' to respond and this is the fundamental impulse behind call epistolary writing.

Which of the following can be logically concluded from the above passage?

1. If there is no desire for exchange in a piece of writing it cannot be called epistolary. 

2. The recipient can question the letter writer. 

3. free expression is the Paramount rule of epistolary writing.

4. Epistolary writing is constrained expression.

This is a post for linking all Study Material for the Upcoming IBPS Exams. We can all contribute and bookmark it for future reference.




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In ibps po interview is it a negative point being fresher means do they font want them to get selected

Anyone having compiled set of all banking and govt.schemes related acronyms and abbreviations? Please post the link if you do!

Mera b obc me 46th rabk hai.

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Wire Transfer - It is a transaction carried out on behalf of an originator person ( Account Holder) through a bank by electronic means . Defined under 35A of BR Act , 1949.