IBPS CWE (RRB) 2013 Discussions

Hello everyone, This thread is exclusively for IBPS aspirants. Lets have a fresh start. Hope everyone will this time become Achievers than Aspirants. As competition is very high… best of luck for all aspirants… keep posting question, queries,…

Hello everyone, This thread is exclusively for IBPS aspirants. Lets have a fresh start. Hope everyone will this time become Achievers than Aspirants. As competition is very high... best of luck for all aspirants.... keep posting question, queries, solutions, etc......

You know what to do here. Let's get started.

most important currents happening in banking sector...

If a man of a moped starts from a point and

rides 4 km South, then turns left and rides 2

km to turn again to the right to ride 4 km

more, towards which direction is he

moving ?

The fringe benefit tax was introduced in the

budget of

(A) 2003-04 (B) 2004-05

(C) 2005-06 (D) 2006-07

A copper wire is bent in the shape of a square

of area 81 cm2. If the same wire is bent in the

form of a semicircle, the radius (in cm) of the

semicircle is

Among three numbers, the first is twice the

second and thrice and third. If the average

of the three numbers is 49.5, then the

difference between the first and the third

number is

The traffic lights at three different road

crossing change after 24 seconds, 36 seconds

and 54 seconds respectively. If they all

change simultaneously at 10 : 00 AM, then

at what time will they again change

simultaneously ?

The volume (in m3) of rain water that can be

collected from 1.5 hectares of ground in a

rainfall of 5 cm is

A river 3 m deep and 40 m wide is following

at the rate of 2 km per hour. How much water

(in litres) will fall into the sea in a minute ?

What number should be added to or

subtracted from each term of the ratio 17 : 24

so that it becomes equal to 1 : 2 ?

If 30% of A is added to 40% of B, the answer

is 80% of B. What percentage of A is B ?

The simple interest on a sum of 5 years is

one-fourth of the sum. The rate of interest

per annum is

IBPS PO notification out....


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What is the question difficulty level in IBPS CWE RRB Officer scale I ? I am mainly bothered about the GA section. What is the level of GA basically? Do they mostly ask from banking awareness or GK or current affairs? what is the weightage of the three...I mean Current affairs, GK and banking awareness? Is the IBPS CWE RRB off scale I exam tougher than IBPS PO/MT or easy ?Your thinking....Which will be easy to qualify IBPS RRB Officer scale I or IBPS MT/PO

can anybody tell me that ibps rrb exam will be for 2 hour or 2 n half hour?

can anyone have previous question papers of RRB-Officers scale 1?

The RRB notification says "Preference will be given to the candidates having degree in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Science, Agricultural Engineering, Pisciculture, Agricultural Marketing and Cooperation, InformationTechnology, Management, Law, Economics and Accountancy" . But am a normal engineering grad. What does above statement mean? Will my position be behind a guy with preferential degree despite my higher score or the rule applies in just case of equal scores or the rule comes to play during final selections? Please someone clarify

I know its late to ask....can anyone upload the pdf of the form....i wanted to have a look at it for next year.....and can anyone tell me what are different posts are they offering in CWE Speacialist officer II this time. Is there no HR post this time....??Kindly reply, especially those in Grade II specialist officer.