IBPS CWE PO4 Reserve List Candidates

This is a platform for all the reserved list candidates of cwe po4.

We can discuss all our queries about the reserve list here.. 

When will we get the posting bro ?

I request you all to spread this link so dat we can have a healthy group of reserve list candidates here...

I have a feeling that this thread is going to die away eventually .

got 45.20 cutoff 45.60

in reserve list

what to do 

Have to wait until March 31st for getting 0.2% less

hello fellow puyss!!

can anybody tell me what is the cutoff for sc candidates.

and hw long will th`e reserve ppl will gt allotment 

Obc....got 45.40

Missed by .20...feeling like hell...:((

All the followers are requested to join the whatsapp group for reserve list candidates... You can post ur phone numbers in comments... 

can anyone please tell me what does the date written under the cutoff marks signify?

Got 49.6 UR 

Written 34.4(86)

Interview 15.2(76)

Hopefully will get an allotment when the Reserved List comes out 

@mehak.prakash    got 45.40 OBC ctgry..wat r my chances??

I got 49.4 general got reserve list , what are my chances now for allotment and till when i'll get allotment 7895943435

Pls add me in ur WA grp9462272930

Oriental bank of commerce guys


Hi Puys,

This is Pratik and I have got 49.4 Gen. I wanted to ask if anyone knew when was the reserve list of PO2 candidates filled, I mean how many months after the results...

It is so because I heard that only in this PO 4 it was delayed till 31st March... All other times it was up within a couple of months... Please share any knowledge on this topic.

Guys who are in the reserved list see it as a positive thing 

See first of all with a written score like 86 I had almost no chance of making it through. I needed a miracle in Interview.

I thought I would get between 68 to 71 in interview but after seeing the cutoff yesterday and waiting for the IBPS site to get up and running I badly wished that I get 74 at least. 

I got 76 and that was a miracle I needed 😁

The positive side to this is had I just cleared the cutoff based on my DOB I would have got banks that are very low on my preference list. But as I am in RL and I have got 49.6 I have a very good chance to get my top 3 preferred banks which is the positive side of being in RL 😛


i got 79 marks in written from sc category.i expected atleast i will get interview marks btwn 60-70.finally very sad it was only 52 marks...how they give 52 only interview was good..mba graduate..2 years work experience..mba project related to bank (mutualfunds)...i answered 9 questions out of 10....finally i am in reserved list ...very sad

This time there will be no court case and banks will also be short of employees .......... So can we hope for the RL to come within 6 months......maybe after 2 months 😁