Hey Guys, i have opened this thread so tht people can discuss their IBA gd pi experiences and also mention their results. Thanx[image]

Hey Guys,

i have opened this thread so tht people can discuss their IBA gd pi experiences and also mention their results.


Will appreciate if everyone follow the following order:-

Psychometric test:-
GD Experience:-
PI Experience:-


I am from hyderabad and i have'nt recieved my call letter either via MAIL nor by post
any one from hyderabad who has received the same..pls let me know?????

has not anyone given their gd/pi yet?

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Hi, I have received a letter for GD & PI in Chennai on the 14th of April. Is there any special preparation that I should make?

hi all!..

i had my gd/pi yesterday in chennai.. it was supposed 2 start @ 2 o clock bt gt late by almost an hour..

there wr almost 20 guys in our batch.. the panel divided us in 2 grps..

there wr 2 gd topics .. n we hd 2 select 1.. I opted 4 the 2nd one.. all wr happy 2 go wid dat..

topic was "young mba graduates cn b great entrepreneurs"..

I started da gd bt md a goof up.. I said "young entrepreneurs cn b gud mba graduates"!.. bt was fast enuf 2 cover that..

Made 3-4 pnts.. i tried 2 b the moderator as well.. thr wr few who cud nt raise their voice 2 air their thghts.. i helped gvin them a chance 2 speak.. bt widin 4-5 mins, the whole discussion was driftin away..

thr wr guys who talked bout everythng bt the topic.. then 1 very intelligent lady in our group put forward an idea..

"y nt each of us talk 4 1 min bout the topic".. that was immediately turned dwn by one of faculties as da whole gd was 4 8 mins n it was almost 6 mins since we started..

anyways we cud nt reach a conclusion.. we wr stopped inbetn as our time was up..

OHH!.. i 4gt 2 mention dat b4 gd there was psychometric test n essay writin.. I tk lotta time in writtin da essay n ran outta time in psychometric test..

den was da PI..

There was a single in the int panel.. he asked me 2 wait as he was tlkin over the ph..
after 1 or 2 mins he hung up n was goin thru my app form.. He praised my cat score n asked wch other colleges i applied.. Y I scored low in quants..

then he wanted 2 knw wch specialization i wd go 4 n y?

he asked me if i read newspaper.. sum gk questions.. My hit rate was aroun 70%..

then sum general question reg my family background..

Atlast he said that I cn expect a call 4m em widin a weeks time..

thats it!!!!!!