IB ACIO EXAM Notification

This group is only for IB ACIO 2017. Please keep update yourself.

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Best book for preparation

This book is good but too much price..if you afford then it would be good....

IB ACIO Exam 2017

Photo and signature uploading details... 1. Type in google cm to pixel converter. After that your enter photos dimensions height and width. You will get pixel size. 2. Now open paint and paste your photo then press ctrl + W and paste the value and save it.

I am unable to pay my exam fee...can anyone help ?....Plzzz

after doing registration website is not responding

Not able to pay my exam fee due to server issues...I enter all my account details and then the page gets stuck, doesn't respond. Anybody has any clue how to resolve this??

Form date is extended to 10th September