I20 v/s Punto v/s Polo

Which of these wud be the best buy in a budget of upto 5.5 lacs?..Plz suggest

Which of these wud be the best buy in a budget of upto 5.5 lacs?...Plz suggest

first of all bifurcate ur requirment into:

petrol if running is else diesel

if diesel, punto is best among these according to your budget

else go for i 20 since volkswagen parts r bit costlier and its base is bit lower as compared to i 20 so u can have problem while crossing d divider

petrol only...i'm mainly confusd b/w i20 nd polo..tuk test drive of both...both hav equally gud handling nd performance.

u ve done a mistake by not including ford figo in ur list . . u shud seriously consider it

i20 interiors r better than polo and performance wise too. lukwise also i 20 beats polo
so my shot is at i20 else its ur wish

awaiting suggestions from oders as well...esp if someone owns i20/polo....regarding figo nd micra-i think dey r a league below

i dont own either
i have a wagonr
n as maverick said regrading ground clearance n parts is true
also i20 looks better
also hyundai is doin good work in after sales as said by my frnds