I have put myself into this trap, If possible help/suggest

1. You don’t need work ex from a “renowned source”, just get a letter on your dad’s business letterhead saying that you have worked there for that duration and be prepared to answer questions regarding the business in detail. It’s what you hav…

1. You don't need work ex from a "renowned source", just get a letter on your dad's business letterhead saying that you have worked there for that duration and be prepared to answer questions regarding the business in detail.
It's what you have learnt during your work that counts, more than which company you have worked in.

2. You musn't aim for a "semi grade college", you have to aim for the best. Otherwise what's the point of doing an MBA? Besides, I don't think dropping one year for CAT 2013 is required or advisable. Prepare hard for Feb CMAT. If you get a decent rank and perform well in GD-PI, you can get into one of the excellent Mumbai colleges like JBIMS, KJ Som, Sydenham, Welingkar etc as you are from Mumbai and so you will get reservations for that.

Have a positive attitude, work hard and I am sure you will get into a really good college!

@Atulit123 Hello Buddy. Firstly, almost all B-Schools require just any job experience regardless of the fact from where you gained it. An experience letter from your dad's company will work fine.

Secondly, if you are concerned that you may not be able to score well in CAT, then you may work steps by steps. As preetic suggested, you may give Feb-CMAT which can fetch you calls from some of the premium institutes. Dont leave the job, and try to manage studies with it. After CMAT, you may choose to go for CAT 2013.Its your call. And even if we assume that you dont score well in CAT 2013 due to some reasons then there are a lot of other exams like SNAP, XAT, NMAT, Sep CMAT, IRMA. If you prepare with dedication, you can manage both work and studies.. All the Best.

@Atulit123 said:
I did my graduation from St. Xaviers College (B.com Morning).My academics -Class X - 91%Class XII - 91%B.Com - 68%CAT 2011 - 90.14I passed out college in 2012. I appeared for CAT 2011 when I was in third/final year of my college.I am 21 now, for some or the other reason I did not apply in any B School apart from the IIM's. Then I missed out on CAT 2012 for some issues. Now I want to sit for entrance exams again. I do not have any work experience as such. All I have is my dads business which I have been into for an year. But now I want to get back into track with MBA again. Please suggest me a way out, what should be good for me? and how should I move ahead. Your replies will be highly appreciated. If I sit for CAT and other exams now, I may/may not get a 90+ score again, but without work ex from a renowned source, I wont be able to crack good colleges. I do not aim for IIM and all, but a semi grade college. Thus please I seek for help. If I try to go for CAT 2013, which is far from now, I will have to insert this upcoming phase of 8-9 months to studies and if I do not get a good score then I will be left stranded.Experienced Puys, please help me. I will be greatly indebted to one and all.
sir post your query here in personal dilemma queries :)
seniors will help you

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@Atulit123 Hey, Your Academics (X and XII) seem to be Hi-Fi!!! It is tough to score in BCOM I understand, so, even a 68% will se you through. So, in the Academic Front, front you are on a PLUS. As far as Work-Experience is concerned, as advised by others in this forum, try to get a letter from your dad's Letter Head stating that you had been working with him for sometime.

Do not look back...start rigourously preparing for CAT and other entrance tests like XAT, SNAP and CMAT.

I assure you...with your very good academics, you are bound to stand a good chance to go to the GD/PI round and further, provided you score very very well in CAT and also do well in GD/PI!!! You are still in the race for the IIMs, FMS, MDI, SPJIMR, IMT, etc...

symbiosis pune or welingkar institute of management which is better for distance learnrng post graduate??