Hyderabad Community Service

Thanks PG for starting the new section. The original payback thread is getting a bit cluttered. Let this thread be used for Hyderabad specific community service projects. First off, we are having a Y! conference on Saturday,24th April at 5 30…

Thanks PG for starting the new section. The original payback thread is getting a bit cluttered. Let this thread be used for Hyderabad specific community service projects.

First off, we are having a Y! conference on Saturday,24th April at 5 30 pm. Would be followed by a meet soon.

Folks from hyderabad who have shown enthu till now are:


Shuki,capreal,itdood, hereiam, ayesha, subbu, arbo have already confirmed their availability for the Y! conf. Anyone else I might have missed out, please post on this thread with ur messenger details or message arbo at shameek_c on yahoo msngr

I am going home this weekend, and I will try my best to login from a cyber caf on Saturday. PG/anil/simba ... Would be great if if u guys can join us too !

By the way, am sure we need more volunteers ! So please .. Guys .. N gals .. Show why hydies rool 😃

There is a meeting of something called Social Action Group here in hyd. Heard a bunch of NGOs are gonna be there. this sunday .. 5 to 7 .. i am going there with some bitsian alumni so i can meet and talk to a few of them and find out bout the stuff they do. will keep u guys posted.

pradyumn was looking into some stuff as well - any goodies bout that pradyumn ?

tripathi sirji 😁 .. aapko mauka mila baat karne ka shanta ma'am se ?

see u guys tomorrow .. 5 30 .. on yahoo.

koool ... we r making fast progress here ...

... n prolly we'll be the first ones to get something done on ground ..

still to meet with Ms Sinha ... but weather here seems to be reluctant to let me do that by this evening

anyways, will try my best to get it done 2day .... will keep u updated of my meet with her ... till then over-n-out

count me in guys, but not very sure about attending any meet before the 4th of may because of my engg exams. Ill be there for the yahoo conferrence. My Id is thegocools

bharsrulez in too :)


I am in too....

Just thought abt mentioning a point which either someone has neglected or just didn't gave a thought abt it...

In my earlier attempt of joining an NGO i faced a major language problem. I mean the people whom we are aiming at know TELUGU and TELUGU only.

Me knows only English (thodi thodi ) and Hindi.

So language is one problem u have to keep in mind especially in case we are planning to do some teaching realted stuff.

The above post was me...just forgot in hurry that i am not even logged in

very true shuki . i hav faced language problems in bangalore .. of all places.

Count me in too. my yahoo ID is : skg_gim.

okie ppl.some really gud news on this front.and some great ideas too.moi uncle,a passout from irma knows quite a few ppl working in ngos.will get some contacts from him.this will be reeeeeeeeeally helpful.working on alambana thing.shall get to em in another week max.thoda busy see .and also in the process of finding out about one more agency from a friend.soo expect some stuff in the next week.but am in doubt whether i will be able to attend the Y! conference.busy with rels see.phir bhi.shall keep posting.and nice idea to start a new thread deepti aka ahem ahem .also one more suggestion is as to who shud head this thing.u guys will be discussing this.anyways wanted to make a suggestion.the ppl incharge shud be the ones who can be the most active.plzzzzz keep this on mind.remember thia yaar.half of the hydi pgites WILL be leaving hydi.make a note of this too. itdood.shanta sinha se milna hain yaar.keep trying.cheers to hyd PGites.

coolio @ pradz. itdood went to meet ms. sinha today, lekin she is out of town .. she will be back on satday evening . itdood sirji has kindly decided to surprise her on sunday 😁

if there is something u want us to discuss in case u cant come on Y! tomorrow, do post here @ hereiam

I have absolutely NO CLUE wht to do!

Arborealji,if u can tell me,I'll do some HW before coming for Y! conf.

I hate up landing anywhr,with nothing to add!

hi junta,

now that u r apprised of my failure to catch up with Ms Sinha ... i'll try to make up by giving her the first call of sunday morning n telling her abt our bunch of lukkhas , who r willing to chip in for any worthy project ... hopefully we can have a meeting with her later to get a briefing on the projects undertaken by her ... lookin fwd to it :)

are haan yaar, as mentioned above the lingo is a big problem here in southern heartland ... i also posted abt the same in 'Original Payback-Thread' ...

what cud be the potential barriers??

apart from the obvious concern for money, i m specially apprehensive of language problems while reaching to the masses ... i wud be lucky to find a needy person who is bilingual ... or at least knows tooti-footi hindi

PS: moi moving on to the 200 posts milestone with this post ... community-service cum self-sevice

Guys I will be flying home today....so wont be able to join in the conference....
Guys if possible please keep the hyd meet on or after 8th of may....me flying in back on 8th morning....
Messenger id ravigirdhar

Me might join the conference. Not very sure. My id: sayantani_mitra2002

conference happened - on time. capreal ji is going to post a summary of what transpired 😃 . and pradyumn has a superrrrr idea .. which he will post .. very soon !

Summary of discussion which happened today eve on Y! conf.

First step in the right direction -- About 10 people had a virtual conf from about 6 in the eve today .. Agenda was to have initial thought sharing on community service & how this community can be leveraged to that end ..

Invitees were all Hyd junta (whose names have been posted in intial post by Deepti)

Discussion started with issue of --

#how many people are available & for how long in hyderabad
#how much time on an average can they spend.

Question of --
#Should we align/join with/an existing NGO or not ? Pros & cons were discussed but no final consensus reached.

Then, Shameek proposed ..

Indviduals think about/take up/gather info about projects. Come back to team & discuss & finalise PoA.

Meanwhile, PG paradrooped on the disc.
Discussion veered towards what he has posted most recently on the Payback thread.. (see link ..http://www.pagalguy.com/cat/viewtopic.php?p=56602#56602)

Then the idea of taking up education as main agenda of initiatives came around.
Idea of blood donation was tossed by Ayesha.
skg gave the idea of health education..
Shameek pitched in with the instance of Mansur (known as Iceman on the board) teaching kids in bangalore & how that can be replicated in other cities.

Disagreement amongst members on the issue of one common agenda across cities or different project for different cities..

Overall consensus was anyways that the initiative should outlive the original people.
Because most involved would be / or are already into their B schooling/careers.
So, taking up something in such a way that momentum isnt lost was mostly agreed upon.

Probable obstacles like language problem/local knowledge were discussed.
PG elaborated on his discussion with Subbu about the same & their 'vision' of this thing in the future.

Deepti pitched in with the thought that initiative need not be restricted to education & different people in same city can take up whatever they like. Discussion still open. :)

Discussion again veered towards education, teaching, career counselling kinda stuff.
shameek introduced the url http://www.ilpnet.org/ ..

That was pretty much the end of fruitful discussion (if you can call it 😛 ) .. consensus was on thinking , collating more info & coming back again to finalise a PoA in probably a week's time.

that was pretty much it.
thanks to all who participated. we need to do some concrete work in a week & hit the road by next week.

hereiam/itdood (tripathi/pradyumn) are contacting some people they know of & are involved in these activities. Updates awaited from them.

Other city chapters .. please let us know of any ideas that may come up during your discussion sections.

For now.. thats it .. others please add to the post in case something is amiss.

- amit.

wow ... that was one hell of a discussion ...

i was with u guyz in the start, but it became difficult to follow on as the conf proceeded ... remained mostly a mute spectator for more than an hour ... n then some urgent situation sprang up, which needed immediate attention ... had to leave then ... in the meantime, some really noble soul closed the conf-window at my terminal only to add to my pleasure .....

wud be gr8ful if somebody can post the entire text of the discussion (as attachement) ... am sure that someone wud have saved the txt-file ... wud love to go though that also ...

thanx to capreal praji for summarizing ... will post abt my telephonic conversation with Ms Sinha, as soon as i m done with it :)

- D00D

have read the details of the conference.whoa.first of all pg,i think we shud follow the bottomup model rather than working topdown.For the simple reason that interests could be varied.so i completely agree with deepthi on this aspect.once we hit the ground and know more about what we can do,then this thing can evolve into a common agenda thing.but the whole funda is giving back,not just now but to follow it up later.as far as the identity thing goes,keep reading.

i have a gud,workable and flexible idea.we all know the big IT companies keep disposing their obsolete computers regularly.what we can do is take these computers and install em in schools where we get permission to.and then follow it up with basic computer education(even i can attend em ).this education could be imparted either to the teachers or students and we can do it at our own convenience but regularly.but which IT company wud give computers to a bunch of pagals.So,to start of with,we have to associate ourselves with an NGO,follow it up with some real gud work and if things work out favourably,we can break off and have our own identity.and for this structure to evolve,we need stability.and publicity (if needed) wudnt be a problem in hydi.i have some ideas for that too but lets start off.this idea can be modidfied and evolve,but how is this for starters.i will be getting 2-3 contacts of NGO's soon.we can go thru references.

but for starters,let us associate ourselves with some ngo.this will give us lotsa stability in the sense we have some work to do.and pg,this model can be replicated in various cities and thus we can have a common agenda.what im saying is,we can but we need not.meanwhile,itdood will be doing some groundwork as well as d others.we can do some groundwork this week.let a consensus evolve.and we shall follow it up with some work.more posts coming up. 😃