hyderabad adventure outings

Want to go for adventure team outings in and around hyderabad ,! hear is the freakouts an adventure sporty company we will organise for all adventure events

 Chadar- The Frozen River TrekChadar as the name suggests refers to a frozen blanket of ice. At an altitude of around 12,000 feet, the lake stretches from Padum through the dramatic Zanskar Gorge and then merges with Indus River, covering over 7000 square km area. The notion of walking over frozen river ice with a large backpack and very cold rushing water a few inches below your feet is terrifying, but indeed thrilling and most unique trek.#chadar #frozenriver #chadartrek #trekking #camping #chadarcamping#freakouts

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Rafting Building, Kayking, Camping | Pocharam Lake - Medak“Roads are a record of those who have gone before.” And what a beautiful road, I must say! 15 Kms from Medak, which is a district HQ located 100 Kms from Hyderabad, is Pocharam Lake which is in close vicinity from the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary. Surrounded by lush green forest, the place has rich flora and fauna attracting winged visitors such as Brahminy Bucks, Bar-Headed Goose, and Open Billed Stork. The place is an ideal spot eco-tourism where visitors can enjoy spotting five species of Antelopes and Deer.#camping #kayaking #rafting #pocharam #hyderabad #medak#multidayouting #freakoutsFor more details click here: http://www.freakouts.com/rafting-at-pocharam-lake
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