Hult internatioanl business school

Hi i got an email from the Hult int buss school recruitment officer. Could anyone tell me about the MBA course there and what is the scenario of placements. And is it worth investing in HULT???

Hi i got an email from the Hult int buss school recruitment officer. Could anyone tell me about the MBA course there and what is the scenario of placements. And is it worth investing in HULT??????????

come on guys i need some reply

Best bet is to Google it. It has a very mixed reputation. The "high" The Economist ranking does not paint a full picture.

i googled it but all wat is given is the ranking and the college history, but i cant make a decision on these grounds

@richirich_28 Which campus are you looking at, where are you looking to settle after the MBA and what are your career goals?
@richirich_28 The high ranking from ET is due to the fact that they have campuses in Europe,ME,Asia & NA.

Hult does not have a career services team.So, it will be very difficult to find a job upon graduation.
If you get into Hult Boston, it will be easier.

Does HULT Bostob have a career cell?????????

@Bforce Im lookng fro boston campus only. Want to pursue mah MBA in Finance and settle in USA only
@GMAT_Conquer Does HULT Boston ave a career cell

Hi Puys,

@GMAT_Conquer: We do have Career Services team. This resource is in place to assist students in preparing for their career throughout the duration of their one-year program. We창€™ve also built Professional Career Development into the curriculum of our programs, which teaches the skills and strategies required in the pursuit of both professional and personal goals. Through a combination of workshops, one-on-one counselling sessions, and seminars, the PCD curriculum focus on many areas including resume and cover letter writing techniques to match skills with requirements; perfecting networking and interviewing skills; leadership development skills; and communication in the workplace.

We also have a global Corporate Relations team, which builds deep relationships with employers to connect our students to the right jobs upon graduation. For more on our Career Services check out this video:

@richirich_28 Look at schools ranked in the US News and World Report MBA Rankings. FT and Economist rankings hold less weight in the US. Hult is not ranked by US News and World Report.
@richirich_28 you can find a couple of topics here describing Hult and it's good and bad sides. I am a current student at SF and so far my experience is very positive. Anyways, check this topic and you will find lots of answers, and if you have any questions just mention me here and I will be happy to help :)
@Bforce oki thnx a lot
@richirich_28 Hi , I am currently studying at Boston campus and not from finance background. but after studying finance in Boston I have added finance too in my resume :).
Let me know in case you have any specific queries about Boston campus.

@rashmicat2013 Do you mean no Hult campus provides on campus placement or that no B-School whatsoever has on campus placement?
@vsharma03 wat course r u doing? And do u thnk u cn find a job aftr compltng ur studies
@richirich_28 hi , I am pursuing my MBA from Boston campus. Of course! I would find a job before I complete my MBA. rather I already have couple of possibilities going on, all I need to do is to sell myself good. Bagging a job is entirely a student efforts , there is student career service on campus who help you figure out certain things about your own career plans. then further you funnel down your opportunities and start working on them. MBA is all about making strategies. during your MBA you make strategy for your own career and post for the corporate house you would be working for 😃 .
@vsharma03 oki well i was not questioning your abilities buddy, i hv heard soo much negative about hult's placement services that is why i was curious, neways wats ur specialisation
@richirich_28 I have operations background. I was giving you my example as a student of HULT and was trying to explain that career post MBA is all on student effort and those who does not get jobs either they were looking for immigration abroad or were not capable enough to land them self a job ( basically a different focus than learning).read this article by Harvard: