Hult IBS 2010 Provisionally admitted students

Hello all, I am a recent graduate of Hult IBS 2010 and I am interested to help out anyone who needs assistance in making decisions as to why join Hult, the program, benefits and future prospects. If anyone has any questions, do post it here. I w…

Hello all,
I am a recent graduate of Hult IBS 2010 and I am interested to help out anyone who needs assistance in making decisions as to why join Hult, the program, benefits and future prospects. If anyone has any questions, do post it here. I will do as best as I can to make it successful for you.
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I got an admit for Hult IBS 2011.Can you please share your experience with the program, placements and the facilities of the campus. Also how Hult IBS will help the students to change their careers post MBA?

Iam unable to contact any Hult IBS alumni. somehow i found few posts here. But those were not convincing.

Hello Saiji,
Congratulations on your admission. My experience at Hult has been very good. It is a very good program. Some faculties of Hult teach at MIT, Harvard and other leading schools while others have many years of experience in the industry and give a real life industry oriented teaching. Facilities are good while you should remember that it is just a business school and not a full fledged university.
Hult provides many opportunities for you with the help of projects and internships. But it is upto the candidate to take advantage of the opportunities. Students have to work hard to get the opportunities. There are always advantages and disadvantages in many programs and so will be with Hult too. But you can take maximum advantages of the positiveness and plan for the weakness of Hult's program.
I understand your concern and it is important to take a wise decision that helps your career. If you need any further information or specific questions pertaining you, do not hesitate to mail me or add me on any of the IM's (GTalk, Skype, MSN Messenger). My id is pantuvarali.
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Hi ,

This is krishna, i got admission into hult 2011. what i m worried is all about cost of living in boston. people are saying the cost or living is higher.

and can you please explain about the after MBA, like getting job. etc.,

Hello Sarath,
Congratulations on ur admission. Below is a summary of the cost of living and expenses.
Typically you can expect cost of living (all expenses included) to be more than $800. While it mostly depends on the type of accommodation, living expenses vary quite a lot depending on your food and drinking expenses. If you want to live next door to Hult, there are two apts and luxury ones where a two bedroom apt will cost around $$2000 - 2400 per month which you will share with 4 (~$500 per month per person). Another apt is costlier >$3200 and it might be $800 per person. If you choose to live slightly away from the school, there are places like Malden and Somerville where you get rooms (mostly independent ones) in houses for $600. I lived in a place called Brookline which is almost 45 mins from school and I paid ~$500. Regarding food, typical Indian restaurant meal would cost you $10. Monthly expenses will be around $300. You will have to take an MBTA monthly pass (subway pass) which will cost you $60 (dont know if it increases by the time you come). So I would safely assume $1000 monthly expenditure.
Regarding getting a job, networking is the prime way and it is very important to do it right from the beginning. While it depends on many factors like your previous industry, work experience, job profile etc, I would suggest you to search through all jobs that are currently advertised in your field or expertise and be prepared to have it all in you by the time you graduate. It will help you understand what are the qualities people expect from candidates here.
The unemployment rate in the US is quite high at around 10% so lots of companies prefer to hire US / Green card holders only. It is quite a challenge for non American students to find a job. Many students here are just in the internship stage. Job prospects are an issue here. Also, there are no campus placements. So most of us, who are more comfortable and depend on campus placements can completely forget about it. It is your own headache to get a job. The school provides resume building, interview facing and related skills and coaching.
HTH, as I mentioned earlier, my ids in most of the common IMs is pantuvarali. You can ping me anytime there.
All the best!

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thank you , i have added you in my MSN and Yahoo, i dont know if your id is correct i have use [email protected] on msn and [email protected] on yahoo. please accept my request

i 'm gng 2 apply hult n 2 days...i'm having little confusion which course 2 take...whether one year full time MBA r Master of international business...i wish 2 join n a sw cmpny nd fr dat wat 'l b more preferable..hw abt placements der...coz i didnt work n any cmpny...i 'm running business nd dis s ma oly experience..'l dat bother ma placement?

Hi Whyhult,
I am going to apply HULT in 2 days. I am more concerned about financing MBA program including living and food expenses. I have my spouse with me. Wht r d provisions for married people at HULT?
Also advise me how to finance MBA program as it goes more than 40 Lacs INR. How did u finance ur MBA? If getting job is headache, then how one can repay such huge loan?

Hi Whyhult,

I'm planning to apply for HULT-Shanghai. Would you have any information about shanghai campus, like faculty, placements, cost of living, is the school well received in the local market?

Thanks in advance,
Raj Nikhil