HR strategy summit

TOI AND JIMS presents HR strategy summitTheme: The new “R” word!* Re-tooling, Re-skilling and Re-juvenating** 23rd October, 2013 - Sovereign-I, Hotel Le- Meridien, Janpath, New Delhi***

TOI AND JIMS presents

HR strategy summit

Theme: The new “R” word!

Re-tooling, Re-skilling and Re-juvenating

23rd October, 2013 – Sovereign-I, Hotel Le- Meridien, Janpath, New Delhi

The Times of India & Jims present HR Strategy Summit. It is a power packed conference to be held on 23rd October, 2013 at the Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi.

It will bring forth dynamic perspectives through engaging dialogues amongst the key stakeholders through the day. Purpose of the forum is to deliberate the next steps in order to revitalize the concept of new age HR practices from the perspectives of a Knowledge Economy.

“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew”

- Abraham Lincoln

A hundred years ago Henry Ford revolutionized the industry by introducing assembly lines and the world watched with awe unfolding of a new era. Humankind moved on then and automated everything thereby giving rise to knowledge economy. Knowledge became the driver of productivity that led to rapid economic progress. Growth peaked but then began to tumble. In the past few years terms like Recession, Retrenchment, Restructuring, Re deployment were jostling in corporate corridors and deep inside everybody was looking for a panacea to turnaround the winds of change for revival. Therefore, in the current scenario the alphabet 'R' has a new connotation – Retooling, Re-skilling and Rejuvenating. Organizations today realize this and are inching to develop their existing talent by enhancing skills and giving them ample opportunity to grow and stay motivated.

The future lies in strategizing talent towards adaptive leadership where employees see themselves as partners effectively managing daily affairs as well as propelling the organization into unexplored territories. The organizations need agility to transform and become flexible to match the volatile economic environment. It is the greatest challenge of HR to become a shared partner in the development and success of the organization. This makes it all the more imperative for business leaders to share insights on symbiotic relationship between business strategy of an organization and human resource functions with a focus on how to create a high performance workplace.

As rightly said 'the best will only work for the best' will differentiate well managed organizations from the rest. Organizations need to transform by adopting concrete initiatives and find ways to energize the workforce to remain competitive by focusing on skills and strategies.

The Times of India & JIMS “HR Strategy Summit” aims to be a power packed conference to be organized on 23rd October, 2013 at Le Meridien Hotel in New Delhi.The forum aims to be an enriched deliberation amongst industry stalwarts on revitalizing the concept of new age HR practices while expanding perspectives beyond currently known dimensions and prevalent biases, to bring-forth improved understanding amongst the key stakeholders.

life line of an organisation...

#JIMS is providing one more platform to its students, where they can interact with the top CEO's and Head's of the Corporate World.

"HR has the luxury of being one of the only functions to touch every part of an organisation, from the very highest authorities on the board to the people on the shop floor." This wide view means HR has access to more critical insights about what makes the company successful, or not, than many other business functions. "We need a combination of tools to contribute to the strategic debate and the soft skills to get people to speak to us, and for us to hear what they are saying. "Leaders of HR functions need to make sure people are equipped to confidently contribute in their organisations." Strategy is only a dream unless it is implemented, and this requires people. " HR has a crucial role to play as the enabler of strategic integrity, whereby people understand, engage with and commit to helping the organisation attain its goals especially in an environment of change."

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HR leaders have fought an uphill battle to change the profession. Today, smart companies do have a place at the table for HR. The challenge for HR now is in living up to the high expectations that come with the seat – expectations of high impact.

In many organizations, human resource costs (recruitment, selection, compensation, training, and workforce administration) are the largest component of the firm's operating expenses. In some service organizations these items constitute 70% to 80% of the firm's total costs. Properly managing those costs is therefore critical to the success of any corporation. Other things equal, a 10% reduction in a firm's HR costs can produce a huge increase in its bottom line profit. Still, of greater importance than managing workforce costs is creating workforce value. Firms do not become industry leaders because they have the lowest turnover rate, the smallest health insurance premiums, or the lowest cost per hire. Firms succeed because they create value for their customers. Firms succeed because they have a workforce that skillfully executes a value-creating business strategy. A firm's objective must be to maximize the return on the investment (ROI) it makes in its workforce.

making content marketing effective

Is the B2B Content Marketing Time Crunch a Real Barrier or an Excuse?

If you are like 69 percent of B2B content marketing professionals, you feel challenged by a lack of enough time — in fact, 30 percent of content marketers consider this to be their greatest challenge. Excuse or not, in any given day, content marketers have a lot of responsibilities — and myriad considerations to oversee. So what can content marketers do to feel less overwhelmed, and more prepared to face the everyday challenges of B2B content marketing?

Have a strategy

Without question (and our research backs this up), those with a documented content marketing strategy are more effective than those without. They are even more effective than those who have a dedicated person to oversee strategy.

Have clearly outlined goals

Do you know what business goal your content marketing is trying to achieve? If not, stop and figure that out before you do anything else.

Focus on the right things

Though it's essential to track and evaluate your content marketing results so you can make continual improvements, it's easy to feel analysis paralysis.

Remember that content marketing is part of your larger marketing strategy

Instead of thinking about content marketing as one more thing you need to do, consider how it can enhance all aspects of your marketing.

Have a system in place

Studying the right examples

Choosing the right tools

The Times of India and Jims Rohini "@HR STRATEGY SUMMIT "aimed was to be a power packed conference to be oraganized on 23rd october 2013, at Le Meridien New Delhi . it was sucessfully ended as the forum aimed to be an enriched deliberation amongst industry stalwarts on revitalizing the concept of new age HR practice while expanding perpectives beyond currently known dimensions and prevalent biases, to bring-forth improved understanding amongst the key stakeholders.