How was FMS 2007??

Hi All! How was the Final Exam of the Season??? Log in with your responses here!!! :neutral: :neutral: Cheers! Tanveer

Hi All!

How was the Final Exam of the Season???

Log in with your responses here!!!
:neutral: :neutral:


Awaiting to know how Puys did this time around!!
FMS is always exciting with Speed as the mantra.

Wish all the Puys have done well.ATB


quant was a bit easy, reasoning was so-so, RCs were average and vocab part was difficult.

i hav attempted 30 in quant, 30 in reasoning, 20 in RC and 12 in vocab.

expected cuttoff would be 300+

i think verbal was a bit tough comparatively and qa and di..were as usual..the FMS kind..
my attempts arund 125..

Dear Peace007

Did u aply to MBA-MS as well??

Hmm..was arnd 80-85..i knw its low...

definitely tougher compared to last year.
RCs and a few LR caselets were really tough.Quants had a number of questions on complex numbers.DI was by far the easiest.
i feel the cutoffs will be much lower than last year.probably around 320-350

Dear Peace007

Did u aply to MBA-MS as well??

nopes! y???

Dear moderator,

Please start a poll as to who all applied to:
a) MBA only
b) MBA- MS only
c) Both

Since the cut off for MBA-MS wil depend on the nos. applying, we can make fair a guess on the cutoff once we know the poll results.


well the paper was of a distinct flavor i found it as the best of the season when it comes to judging the candidate . It wasnt too easy but the beauty was that it was deceptive and demanded seriuos concentration and a clear mind free of the strtegic predilections. I think the people who thought that 120 attemp is a must wud have struglled to do so. the cut off is preety subjective but trust me english wud also play a big part here this time so wont say anything bout the cutoff.

as far as my performance goes just managed 95 questions but i guess the accuracy wud be reasonable and as far as expectations are concerned, i dont have any.

may all my dear pgites find great bskools best of luck guys keep rockin

i agree with my fellow mates in saying tht paper was pretty balanced..if quant was easy ..there were pretty tough sets in reasoning and english i guess was a bit dicey as compaared to some of the mocks tht we attempted where english rc wasa give idea..probably in arnd 400 may be..

What an exam this was!The only hope for people who have faced CATastrophes and XATastrophes.The RC passages were kinda lengthy.I managed to attempt 85 questions with a high accuracy level.

definitely tougher than last yr...
the RCs were quite tough...
QA was full of log, quadratic equations and complex nos.:wow:
LR was a bit on the easier side..

my attmpts arnd 95-100... last yr the cutoff was arnd 400..
i think it shud go low this time...sumwer arnd 320+ for the MBA (flagship) course...

hey puys,
i feel quants was d easiest part of paper... but much emphasis on logs, equations n analytical geometry... reasoning again as pointed out was kinda balanced wit some sets being pretty tough to some sets being up for grabs.. n i guess d one on abc3d947 multiplied by b(not sure bout d exact question so plz pardon me) was for d first time doable n pretty simple,given d type of question it is!!!

Well... personally speaking... I wont put any section in the tough category....

I think that "Quant+DI" and "LR" were cake walks if your selection is good...
But I found RC and EU a bit different...

My attempts are 92 with around 100% accuracy in Quant and 95%+ accuracy in LR.

But thanks to the BJP's bhashan which was going on in a near by place...I've suffered in english part...but accuracy shall be in 85%+ for english... So nervous...:robot:

well... i found rc very boring!!!!!!!!!!! ws struggling to keep mah eyes open.... :)

tough quant! easy di nd sum lr caselets were easy too....

did 90 odd ques..... bt tiss in the morning ws better

Hi Frenz,

What I think FMS wad surely dicey as there were numerous sitters throughout the paper but difficult to locate. RC's were difficult than last year and EU was much more difficult. The only hope of numerous puys like me.............

i had a genuine 110 attempts
had read cut off was above 400 last year so thought i have lost it
so marked 60 as option B lag gaye to varna
replicate of 2007 year of my debacle:(

we should have poll on number of attempts n this year fms was tougher than last year