How to prepare for GMAT?


Hi Guys!!

 I have Ebook for GMAT Official Guide 2021 (Verbal Review, Quant Review and OG Review)

All three books provided by GMAC 

Also, I have OG 2020 edition as well.

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 If someone needs GMAT OG 2021 .Ping me. 

Any one has time notes ,study material?



Since I have been into this zone earlier, and as I am done with GMAT, I am planning to sell the below stuff for a very low price. Since I believe sharing is a great way to help.

I have Gmat Official guide 2020.

GMAT OG Quant, Gmat OG Verbal, 1001 GMAT Practice question Ebook, GMAT IR, GMAT AWA, Manhattan Quant, Verbal books, and a lot more at a very cheap price.

As I have struggled I don't want others to waste time in finding material. Will also provide a 2 Month study Plan day-wise.

Apart from this, we have Quant and Verbal Video lectures.

Please get in touch with me if genuinely require.

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I never took classes so I don't have much direction on choosing one. But I can tell you to ask yourself whether you need classes in the first place. Have you tried self-study and not sought an improvement in performance or to the extent you prefer. 

If you have the answer to that question and it is a yes, then you have several online (live and/or self paced) options, and you can't really go wrong with your choice. You can do your due diligence and pick one that is most reputed to help you improve a specific area (e.g. Manhattan GMAT is known for strengthening Quant really well)