How much would a school's website impress you when you apply for an MBA abroad?

How much do you decide about a school on the basis of its website? write on…it wud be interesting to know! :grin:

How much do you decide about a school on the basis of its website?

write wud be interesting to know! 😁

I frankly feel that although the website gives you all the colourful statistics and the numbers required, to decide whether its your right fit, you need to certainly collect the data on the websites and more importantly refer the forums such as these. Thus i do not think websites help you in choosing your right school. Forums Rock! Websites are just the source of the info about the school. But Comparision of the profiles and knowing which profiles in the past have got admits is important and websites cannot do this job.

Hi! I would just want to add on to the above query..On what parameters would you judge a website on when applying for a school abroad? Do you want indepth information on the curricula on just the basic information on admission process etc.

Yes indepth curricula is definitely to be taken care of before selecting a school. More to concentrate on the electives offered by the school. For example : Some schools have only international business, marketing and strategy as their electives and some one might not be interested in any of these to pursue as a part of his MBA . So he should definitely not keep those particular schools in his list.
So conclusion : The curriculum definitely needs to be analysed thoroughly.