How is student life at Doon Business School?

Hello friends..My name is Vishal and i am from Saharanpur. I am considering taking admission in Doon Business School, Dehradun for BBA course. Since it is situated in Silaqui which is little away from Dehradun. What is the kind of student life there?

Hello Vishal,

Student life at Doon Business School is coupled with a perfect combo of fun and education. My cousin did his MBA from there and he classifies those years as best years of his life. The campus is really very beautiful. Ya agreed it's located a little away from Dehradun but that adds to it's scenic beauty. Plus there are many buses operating to Selaqui which makes it just a few mins ride to city.

So have no worries and enjoy your college life. Hope i helped.

Hello Vishal,

Have a lot of fond memories about my experience with Doon Business School, Dehradun. They were one of the two best years of my life during my PGDM. My crowd there is really good. Plus faculty there are really very supportive. They guide you and nourish your talents. The kind of exposure you get there whether it is terms of industry interaction or widening your horizons it's actually awesome. Enjoy at Doon.

 Hi gusys,

Hope my insights are helpful..

After joining DBS, I have learnt a lot of new things & explored new opportunities. The college life is very vibrant with so many clubs, especially the Music club, public speaking club , self defense workshops & many more.
Faculties like Dalal sir, Priyanka mam, Richa mam have been very supportive.
I love DBS! 😍🥳😎 

The college is very well connected with transportation facilities, it provides a very peaceful, green & clean environmnet. Since the campus is big, it cannot be in the main city, the academics is superb. Visit the college once & you will know the difference.