How is MBA-DBM(Digital Business Management) in IIM Bodhgaya?

How is MBA-DBM(Digital Business Management) in IIM Bodhgaya ?

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As I’m currently pursuing MBA at IIM Bodh Gaya and also as the representative of the Digital Business Management Outreach Committee, I can share some insights.

  1. Course has been designed by industry experts. A list of expert till date have been shared on the website. This top leader of industry and subject experts from different industries will be covering 30-40% of several courses in the curriculum.

  2. If you observe deeper into the curriculum, most of the courses are niche & focused in the digital domain. For example, in term 1, you’ve marketing; in 2nd term, you’ve advanced marketing; and in 3rd term, you’ve digital marketing, which is a hot cake for today’s time.

If you talk about subjects like sustainability which is the cream topic of today’s corporate world, it will be dealt with in the digital domain, and the course will be talking about digital sustainability and ESG, after which most finance firms are concentrating today.

  1. Course is offering a 4-month internship program, which will enhance the learning outcomes of students, and the interaction with industry leaders, which will enhance their probability of pre-placement offers during the internship.

  2. This is not analytics focused program. Analytics is one part of this course; apart from that, there is digital marketing, fintech, strategy & consulting for digital businesses. If you see at the job market, there are more than 15000+ jobs in strategy and consulting space, over 8L jobs in the digital marketing domain and direct 4000 jobs in Fintech., so it’s not only analytics focused but it gives u exposure to all the verticals of new edge business.

  3. Most of the courses will deal with hands-on sessions, where students will be exposed to the state of their technologies and their application in several business domains. This will obviously help students to develop themself for several techno-functional roles that are expected in today’s management positions.

  4. 21 days international immersion program at any of the global universities abroad. Currently among 3rd generation IIM, IIM Bodhgaya has the highest number of MOU with international Welcome! It will give students cross-cultural competencies to work in an environment outside of India. Most probably, students will get placed between term 4 and term 6, So students can visit the international immersion program in term 6 of the course.

I hope this answers your question.