Hi frds, Can somebody compare IIMC PGDCM with IIM I. Which one shld i join. Also, wht if i get into IIML.

Hi frds,

Can somebody compare IIMC PGDCM with IIM I. Which one shld i join. Also, wht if i get into IIML.

hi gaurav
i would advise u to choose PGDCM...there is no differentiation in jobs...the only problem is that u have some extra course in 1st yr and one of ur major in 2nd yr is system...nothing...thats what a senior there told me

PGDCM definitely...

I joined this group recently.. and this is my first post..!
Have got thru pgdcm in cal, L and K. waiting for B.
I had sent a mail to a guy who has just finished pgdcm and is now in cognizant.
Hope this is of use..!

Hi Prasannaa,
First of all Congrats for getting the calls. Its a great achievement
I did PGDCM though I had both the options as well as offers from IIMB & L (I had missed out IIMA). PGDCM makes perfect sense for a guy with Sys background like you. As far as the course is concerned it is like this
Sem I - 4 subjects same as pgdm + 2 subjects on computers in place of Indian political history
Sem 2 - 5 subjects same + 2 subjects on computers in place of a basic Data Processing course for PGDM students
Sem 3 - 5 subjects same + 1 extra subject on MIS

2nd Yr - Most courses are optional but there are three mandatory sys subjects that you have to take. You can do a dual major by which other than sys you can have either Finance or Marketing as your Major.

Now for classes - the pgdcm guys are divided into 3 sections and you will do all the classes with the pgdm students.... only for computer courses you will do separate classes.. The workload is no doubt much higher in case of pgdcm because the sys subjects are very elaborate and have projects. However for a guy who have sufficient knowledge of DBMS, basic level programming, etc it helps in getting better grades. At the time of placements no difference is made between PGDCM & PGDM students and better grades sometimes help. Also in software companies traditionally pgdcm guys get some advantage (at least that used to be in my time). However in FMCGs there may be a little disadvantage. At my time PGDCM guys did very well in Investment Banks because those people were looking for guys with good quant skills which generally the pgdcm guys have.
But in general in placements its more on individual and less on whether PGDM or PGDCM. However if you have intentions of working for a software company in future PGDCM is better suited. But keep in mind the workload is higher.

If you want to ask me anything else do call me up. Best of luck for a new and prospective career ahead

With Warm Regards
CTS Calcutta

I think you should select PGDCM defenitely...

And nice to see you here , Prasanna

cool..! congrats on a clean sweep philip :)

Can somebody compare IIMC PGDCM with IIM I.

u shud hv no doubts abt taking pgdcm esp if u hv IT background or even better if u hv studied comps at graduate level.