how is GLIM?

anybody having any idea how is Great lakes institute of mgmt. chennai…heard a lot of furore quite sometime back…when it came up…is it worth applying…???n 1 more querry… s scmhrd form shud b sent 2 pune campus add…rite…//?..

anybody having any idea how is Great lakes institute of mgmt. chennai.......heard a lot of furore quite sometime back........when it came it worth applying.......???n 1 more querry..
s scmhrd form shud b sent 2 pune campus add..rite..//??these persons hv made a blunder this many errors.........
waiting 4 ur reply,

Something that was discussed last year....


One of my friend is studying in GLIM,Chennai. and he is appearing for CAT once again this year. According to him there are lots of odds against this institute. no doubt Mr Bala isgood but a bschool needs much more than that. He says one should only and only think of this institute when it's infrastructutre would be built i.e. after 5 years because by that time the institute would come over with it's teething problems . otherwise it is just one among other 938 B-Schools in INDIA.
Hope it helps

Also GLIM does not have permanent facultyand it depends heavily on visiting faculties. one major drawback is the kind of Specialization they offer i.e indusrty specific specialization which are not very successful in Indian Corporate world


don't know bout 5 years to sort teething troubles, that would make it its third set of milk teeth!
:D kiddin!

have a couple of friends there, they seem to be happy, and are defnintly gettim some heavyweight profs.
yes there is a heavy reliance on visiting profs, but i hear its to their advantage...

i know im apping there... apprently the forms are out,

any comments?


ps: as a fledling, there are bound to be teething problems, and looking at those minor ones, we fail to see the big picture!