How can I get an 800/800 score on the GMAT?

If GMAT scoring high in GMAT is a challenge then I want to see how difficult it is to get a perfect score.

This discussion is figuring out techniques to score high in GMAT in order to be able to apply in any B-school of choice.

Why would someone want 800/800 at first when even the No.1 University of the world would be happy to give a student admission with a score of 720 or more (backed by many other important factors)???

Ref: 10th Recommendation (GMAT 710-Wharton Business School)
Ref: 14th Recommendation (GMAT 720-Harvard Business School) on page


The admission requires the following
- Appropriate GMAT score to qualify Minimum Cut off 
- An Intelligently written application
- A confident persona to qualify the Interview round
- Financial support to confirm the admission.

So I find the question itself flawed if the aspiration has nothing to do with ego to crack GMAT with perfect score.

Actually Ego usually doesn't get one a perfect score as I can say through my experience having scored a 100%ile in CAT Quant section. It certainly requires some factors beyond ones control.