Hitbullseye CAT Test Series 2019

Discussion about Bull CATs & Mock CATs of Hitbullseye

Bull CAT 10 Score 146. How is it guys? I found the test to be moderate level. What do others say? 

Guys if you have attempted any CAT'19 mocks, we can discuss their scores in this group and 101 ways to bell the CAT'19!! Also please give some CAT tips here!! :)

Is the national rank given by Hitbullseye wrong? What ranks are you guys given in BullCAT 10?

How's the CAT prep going for you guys? I appeared for the HBE mock test and my scores are Verbal Ability - Marks-  39  Verbal Ability -  Percentile- 69.21, Quantitative Ability - Marks- 36, Quantitative Ability - Percentile- 91.39, DI & Reasoning - Marks- 9,  DI & Reasoning - Percentile- 51.66, Overall - Marks- 84,  Overall - Percentile -82.45, Overall - Rank- 53. Please guys discuss your scores for the various mocks you are appering and do tell me the different CAT'19 discussion groups!!  

Is the video solution available for Bull CAT 25? I cannot see it.