High Level English for SBI PO 2017

Its tym 2 Gear up Our English Preparations.

Give the meaning off "Vigilanate" & Form a Sentence with the same word.

Rearrangement - 

 A. When a guest calls the front desk, the attendant places the requested item inside of the head of the bellhop on wheels, programs in the room number, and off it goes.

 B. I’m on a business trip in Cupertino, California and after sending off a few final emails, I change into my pajamas, and then it hits me: I’ve forgotten my toothbrush.

 C. But when it's really late and I'm in my pajamas, I’m a little less inclined to head downstairs to model my choice in sleepwear for the folks still at the hotel bar.

 D. It’s midnight. 

E. So I call the Aloft Hotel's front desk for room service, and a few minutes later open my door to get my toothbrush from Botlr, the hotel’s robotic butler.

 F. This is not the first time I've done this and most of the time, when I do, I swing by the front desk and grab one. 

G. Botlr, who has been on staff since 2014 and looks a tiny bit like a rolling trash can, works 24/7 delivering everything from extra towels to snacks and drinks. 

Xi Jinping calls on the world’s business, political __________ at World Economic Forum to address the problems of globalization with other __________, without turning away from economic trends that have __________ decades of growth representatives,

(a) redeemed leaders,

 (b)supplies ministries,confined

(c) elites, fuelled

(d) government, aligned

Any one post high level reasoning puzzle pdf